1st New Journey of Affection

A Journey of Affection


Table of Contents:

  1. Foreward
  2. Department
  3. Average Student
  4. Botany Department
  5. A Lady
  6. Excellent Lady
  7. Little Things


The working paper was over, and I was moving outside the department alone with tired steps. It was the third paper of the second semester. My eyes were suffering from severe pain as I was not having a night of proper sleep for three days because of exams.

The journey of Affection:

I stopped at Millenials, took juice from there and came back to the department; my friends have gone before. Still, I was waiting for the point to come, so I sat in the ground on a bench and started thinking about another sleepless night I had to spend because of the next paper. Otherwise, I couldn’t cover the syllabus.

Average Student:

I had always been an average student in class but had never been this much tensed about my grades before, as I was unable to study because of some problems I was facing during mids, and I didn’t research anything on vacations as well.

Botany Department:

I closed my eyes and thought about the call which came to me from botany department after few days of admission saying “your name has appeared in the list of botany, we called three students, if you come early tomorrow you can get access as we have only one seat left, I ended call by saying “I have already submitted my fee in MMG department and shall continue there.”

A Lady:

I opened my phone and checked the time; it was about 40 mins for the point to come. I dropped the juice packet in nearby dustbin “Why did I come to this department” my voice filled with grief, these ungrateful thoughts were coming over my mind that suddenly I saw a lady in black abaya and veil with the black bag in her hand moving down the stairs outside the sub gate of the department. I kept on looking at her. A dignity, respect and beauty were there in her walk. She was going outside, probably going home.

“If I admitted to some other department, how I would meet this lady?” that inner voice was more than enough to evaporate all my thankless thoughts. This lady was more than a role model to me. “Grades are significant in its place, but what important is your connection with Allah” I recalled her enthusiastic lectures and worthy words. “never be materialistic, everything that is meant for you will approach you sooner or later at its particular time” I looked at my goose-bumped arms.

Excellent Lady:

 I was in love with the way she speaks, the way she motivates. Her words were healing me inside.

This lady had an excellent and extraordinary academic record, she had been a gold medalist, her intelligence is also cannot be compared, but all these qualities couldn’t inspire me as much as her humbleness by being a topper and on the post of assistant professor, her concerns about the upcoming life of the students, her guidance when she motivates, her words when she speaks, her dedication when she tries to give maximum marks to the students so that It doesn’t affect their grades, her worries when she comes to know about the upcoming holiday in her lecture, her kind attention when she listens the problems of students, her care when she rejects the call from a student and calls her back in order to save her balance, her encouragement when she appreciates the microbial art even if it has contamination, her love when she tags her students in Facebook about their related things, her friendliness when she wishes students on their birthdays, her Affection when she promised to award the chocolates to the top 5 presenters but gave to the whole class, her cuteness when we don’t handover our papers in time during exams, instead of snatching our papers she says “I’m going to leave the class, you people check your papers yourself”, her trust when she shares her family photos with an ordinary student, her greatness when she gives value to the those students too whose grades are average. 

Little Things:

These little things are not small. This makes her different from others. This is how she conquered my heart.

Every year a gold medalist appeared from MMG and achieved his\her goal, but there are only a few people who rule over the hearts of the people and Mam is one of them.

When Mam went out of the main gate, I thanked ALLAH ALMIGHTY for this lovely blessing in my life to whom I could call my mentor, my teacher, my guide and, above all, to whom I could trust to share and discuss anything with her. I asked ALLAH to forgive me every thankless thought I imagined and every ungrateful word I said about this department, as none other departments. Still, MMG is honoured to have her, then how can I say anything wrong about this place.



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