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A Rose

A Rose, My Grandfather

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My Grandfather, A Rose

It was the night of 4th January. Everyone was panicking what had happened to my grandfather.

He was as pale as a ghost. He could barely talk, and his eyes looked like they had lost all life.

Everyone was around him; we had family members over to take care of him and ask him about

his health. We all tried our best to give him comfort, but his face was still white. I tried feeding

him some soup, and I can’t forget the look he gave me at that time. His eyes were helpless as if he

was drowning with no one to hold his hand, and all he did was open his mouth just enough for

the spoon. He didn’t speak, nor was he going to, his face colour was enough to let us know about

the pain he was in.

At around 11 pm, we could see that it was no use of caging him in our house with no medical

help, and at this time, we called a doctor, a family friend, and he came to look after my

grandfather. He was told on the call about his condition, so he brought the suitable medicine and

equipment with him. Upon arrival, he assured us all that it is just a little stomachache, and he is

going to be beautiful, but the face of both the doctor and my grandfather didn’t quite align with the

statement. I had this feeling something isn’t right, and it isn’t just some dull stomachache.

Around 2 am the next day, and they finally decided to take my grandfather to a hospital. He put him

in a wheelchair and were taking him through the porch of our house. He looked back and said his

grandchildren waving at him as he was going to the hospital. He tried to smile, but I am sure I

saw a tear fall down his eyes. It was just as if he knew what waits for him in the hospital. I don’t

know how but I am sure I saw death lingering in front of eyes.

As my grandfather left along with some other elders, I proceeded to sleep, and around 4 am, I

opened my eyes to the whole house crying. The worst thing possible happened, and my

grandfather had died. I tried very hard to close my eyes and pretend that it was a dream, but I couldn’t stop

the crying, and I had to go and console my parents. I got up and looked at his face with tears

rolling down my eyes. The doctors said it was due to stomach poisoning and the failure of early

treatment. My house was not going to be the same place as it was like a big part of the

family just left us.

The funeral was the next day, and we had the whole house filled with people. My grandfather

knew a lot of people, and a lot of them came. We accommodated them all, buried his body and

came back to our home. Our house was as quiet as the graveyard. It’s quite weird, the time after

someone close to you has died. You don’t know even a single word what to do with your life, especially the

things that revolved around the dead person. I used to get up and meet him, but I don’t know

what I will do from now on. He just left, leaving a void no one will be able to fill, and I’m pretty

sure everyone in our house was feeling the same.

I went every Friday to meet my grandfather in the graveyard. It was a family tradition now. I, along with a very few family members, went there after lunch, prayed for him and came back

home. One day I saw a few plants growing on the grave, and they were in a terrible condition it

seemed like they were praying for mercy from the hot summer season. But the sun was in the

mood of granting them forgiveness. I identified them as three different plants, and one of them was most

likely a rose. I was crying that Friday while I saw the rose, and I was telling my grandfather how

I have achieved essential academic excellence. Upon seeing the rose, I turned to God,

brought out the little child I had in me and asked Him that if my grandfather is in heaven, please

make a full red rose blossom on this plant, and I will take that as a sign that he is in heaven. I

finished my prayer and went home.

The week spent like a whole eternity as I was anxiously waiting for it to be

Friday. Finally, the day came, and I rushed to the graveyard. At the gate, I could see the grave of

my grandfather and a small red dot on top of the cemetery. I went there with tears full of joy and inner child dancing. During extreme summer, barely any plant could blossom and that too in a

graveyard where there is no one to water the plant, stood a rose straight out of the grave of my

grandfather. I hadn’t been this happy for a long time, and I could finally sleep that day, knowing

that my grandfather is in a better place.


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