About Us

About us  of Sajmash

Sajmash.com is a tour operator and travel agency company based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Sajmash.com was founded in 2020 and since the beginning of the company, the company has grown into a trusted brand of tours & travelling. We have helped tens of thousands of people enjoy their vacations, and their travel till now.

Why Choose Us –

Visit Us In Person –

Sajmash.com is an online as well as offline company. Our headquarters is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Here, you can meet with us in person. And let us know all your requirements for your trips.

Quality Services –

As a trusted brand, all we want is to give our clients the best from us.

  1. The Best Services
  2. The Best Packages
  3. Money Saving Packages
  4. Best Support
  5. Best Hotels & Resorts
  6. Cheap & Best Travel

Experience –

Our team is qualified, well-traveled, experienced and have years of knowledge of travel among them. Before planning for your vacations, our team is applying the whole package on themself first. If they love the package for themself, after they will offer you the same or better than the same.

Expert Throughout Your Journey

An expert from our team will help you and give you the best support throughout your whole journey. Unlike many other companies, Sajmash.com gives you the best after sales support. Sajmash.com is a profitable organization, and to gain trust, as well as clients/customers like you is the best profit for Sajmash.com.