Naran Kaghan Valley | 7 Best Places To Visit In Naran Kaghan

Best resorts in Naran Kaghan Valley

Naran Kaghan Valley
Naran Kaghan Valley | Best Places To Visit In Naran Kaghan


The image of Pakistan has been incredibly spoiled by its enemies. No effort has been left to infamous our beloved country in terrorisms, extremisms, and the same acts from the last couple of decades.

Despite being passing out of its hard times, Pakistan is still immensely liked by its countrymen to the deep of their hearts. This is because God has blessed Pakistan from a plethora of precious gifts that the gust of these non-sense created by our enemies fade out in front of the lovely culture and relations among the people.

One significant relation that the people of Pakistan have firmly tie is with its breathtaking locations. The people and tourists from other nations have also participated to portray a positive image of the country, and they have made it possible through the Mother Nature destinations.

From the fantasy sense of Kirthar Mountains Range of Sindh to Neelum Valley and Bahawalpur’s lush green mountains, from the colorful lakes of Naltar Valley to the monumental relic look of Uchhali Lake in Soan Sakaser Valley of Punjab.

But the one tourist spot I would like to grab the reader’s attention is the Naran Kaghan Valley, which most people plan to travel to. You will never take a U-turn once you got there and being mesmerized by its masterpiece nature. In one word introduction, Naran Kaghan Valley is indeed heaven on earth.

Its versatility of landscapes will fall in love with this place, and you won’t be able to forget such memories once you get there along with friends and family. Clicking some pictures while you are enjoying boat riding at Saif ul Maluk Lake or fascinated by trekking towards Ansoo Lake or capturing Siri Paye meadows’ living life will make you full of life.

These and many other destinations in this scenic beauty of Naran Kaghan in my list, which you must visit in 2020. There are 7 Best Places To Visit In Naran Kaghan Valley.

1. Saif ul Maluk Lake:

naran kaghan
Saif ul Maluk Lake

The resort, which is as ever shining and pride of Naran Kaghan, is Lake Saif ul Maluk. If you want to travel to Naran Kaghan, then the first place which triggers your mind is this salubrious Lake. About 10,000 feet above sea level, this Lake is prominent due to its mythical stories, and the brown trout fish found deep inside 1.8km in the Lake.

Physical significance:

This mountainous valley has the highest peak, called Malika Parbat, in the vicinity of the Lake. The lake outflows into the Kunhar River. The Saif ul Maluk National Park, created in 2003, and the alpine Saif ul Maluk is surrounded by it.

Tourist Attractions:

The summer session is most suited to view the dashing reflection of peaks of mountains around it on a sunny day. You can have a cup of coffee along with delicious dumplings from nearby Canteens. The Malika Parbat’s stunning view can also be seen while riding on a boat in the Lake.

2. Ansoo Lake:

In the Himalayan Range near Malika Parbat, there is a beautiful lake, the Ansoo Lake. Situated at an elevated height of about 14,000 feet, it is among the highest lakes in this range. The name Ansoo Lake is given after its close resemblance to the teardrop shape (“Ansoo” in Urdu means teardrop).

Physical significance:

The Himalayan terrain and peaks appeared very emotional as it looks like they have joined their hands in harmony. Upon reaching Ansoo Lake, you cannot touch its water as most of its water is frozen.

Tourist Attractions:

You can hire horses from Saif ul Maluk towards Ansoo Lake. As you trek towards the steep path, several exuberant Glacier views can be seen and enjoyed. An alternative way to journey Ansoo Lake is from Mahandri (40km below Naran). An exciting fact about the Lake is that it is usually covered with dense fog, and you have to picturesque the Lake when the mist is removed for a very brief period.

3. Siri Paye Shogran:

naran kaghan weather
Siri Paye Shogran

The most beautiful plateau of the Kaghan Valley is the Shogran, situated 34 kilometers from Balakot via Kawai. While in Shogran (Alt. 7,747 ft), it is required to move up the rough jeep track to the Paye Meadows that rests pretty amongst the dark clouds at 10,000 ft. You can catch the Siri ridge roughly within 45 minutes of jeep ride along with its beautiful little pond.

Physical significance:

Here, in Shogran, you see various small freshwater ponds, horse – riders wandering about, and the pleasant smell of wild yellow flowers will make your day joyous.

Tourist Attractions:

Shogran had experienced an influx of tourists, all arrived to be trampled over its beauty. Shogran’s Forest Rest House is one of the more beautiful places to visit. Kaghan Valley’s highest mountains, such as Makra (12,742 ft), Musa Ka Musalla (14,494 ft), and Malika Parbat (17,351 ft), are seen from here.


4. Babusar Top:

naran weather
Babusar Top

Babusar Top (Alt. 13,691 ft) is another widely visited tourist spot after Saif ul Maluk Lake and Lalazar of Naran Kaghan. The Babusar pass links Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Gilgit Baltistan. It connects with Chilas via Thak Nala on the Karakoram Highway.

Physical significance:

The very best time to plan a visit to this beautiful destination is mid-summer, where there is a chance to enjoy the snowfall.

Tourist Attractions:

Upon reaching the Babusar Top, you can rest for some time and have a cup of Coffee from Dhabas. Clicking some panoramas of the peak and with the National Flag in breeze running about.

5. Lalazar:


Lalazar is the second most tourist attraction visiting spot after Saif ul Maluk Lake. It is located at a distance of 21km from Naran via Battakundi, at an altitude of 10,496 ft. Lalazar is known as the Valley of Blooming Flowers.

Physical significance:

The road head up Lalazar is mountainous with peaks on one side and a deep valley called “Khud” on the other. The stunning meadow is covered with colorful alpine flowers in spring and summer.

Tourist Attractions:

Tourists can experience breathtaking views at sunrise. Tourists can frequently visit there in July and August to see the spectacular view of Green turf. Like Saif ul Maluk Lake, this spot also attracts tourists due to its fictional fairy tales.


6. Dudipatsar Lake:

naran kaghan map
Dudipatsar Lake

This colorful Lake is also known as the Gem of Pakistan, also called Dudipat Lake. Surrounded by snow-covered glaciers in Lalusar – Dudipatsar National Park in the north end of the Kaghan Valley.

Physical significance:

The Lake’s water appears as greenish-blue and is very chilled, situated at an elevation of 12,500 ft. Another eye-catching lake, Lalusar Lake, is located in this park.

Tourist Attractions:

The park and its marshland habitats are of significant ecological importance for dweller fauna and migratory waterfowl. Some of the critical fauna include the black bear, the snow leopard, marmot, snowcock, and snow partridge.

7. Noori Top:

It is the second-highest pass in Kaghan Valley, located at 12,500 ft above sea level. It bordered Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Kashmir.

Physical significance:

This pass has been under the Pakistan Army’s control and was built by the Army during the Kargil War back in 1998. Now, the access and top are as a tourist spot.

Tourist Attractions:

Tourists can enjoy the Kargil Mountains and Kashmir’s marvelous views on one side and Naran Kaghan Valley on the other side. The mountains change their appearance according to the weather conditions, such as lush green mountains.


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