Swat Valley- Travel Guide

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Swat Valley- Travel Guide

Swat Valley- Travel Guide

As we all know, tourism means a lot to everyone. Tourists visit different places to explore natural beauty. In this world, everything that is made by God is beautiful. Today we will discuss the best tourism place in Pakistan. And that is Swat Valley. If you hadn’t visited Swat, it means you saw nothing.

Visiting beautiful sites is also suitable for physical and mental health. And northern areas are best for this purpose. Moving to a new place for some days will definitely divert your thoughts and open your mind. And this is the best technique for the cure of sick people.

I will give all the necessary information about Swat. Let’s have an eye on the specialties of Swat. In this way, you will get to know what is Swat Valley is known for?

Swat Valley- Travel Guide


We all are familiar with  Swat Valley that is mini Switzerland. This name was given by Queen Elizabeth II during her visit in 1960. It is famous for its beauty. In Pakistan, the most peaceful and beautiful place is the Swat Valley.

  • The capital of Swat is Saidu Sharif. 
  • It is the 15th largest city of KPK. 
  • The most part of Swat is occupied by the Pashtuns. 
  • Luxuriant green forests, grassy meadows, and mountains covered with snow enhance the beauty of Swat. 
  • Persimmon, Apricot, Plum, Pear, Pomegranate, and Grapes are the famous fruits of Swat.
  • Upper areas are of Swat are occupied by Kohistani people. So we can’t say that Swat is the area of Pashtuns only. 


A swat is a historical place. And history also shares a part in its popularity. Now, I am going to share the history of Swat with you. 2000 years ago, the name of Swat was Udyana, but later it was changed to Suvastu from which we derived Swat.

There was harmony everywhere until the 11th century. But the war started there, and it was first conquered by Mahmud of Ghazni. After some time, this valley was handed over to Yusafzai’s. In the 19th century, it was taken over by Akhund Sahib.


The majority in Swat speaks Pushto and Kohistani. But nowadays, visitors also speak Urdu and English. And people of Swat are also learning these two languages by introducing them to schools.

Swat Valley- Travel Guide


From March till October, you can visit Swat Valley as the temperature is moderate in these months. But if you are willing to enjoy the snow, then November, December, January, and February are best months.


Now, I am going to share something special about Swat. And this is common from the conquer of Swat till now. Let’s have an eye on it.


If you visit Swat, you will see a fantastic type of embroidery on shawls and shirts. These traditional dresses are the beauty of Swat. Embroidery beddings are also available. This whole embroidery is handmade. It is done by women mostly.


The main reason for the popularity of Swat is its uniqueness in culture. You will find fabulous handmade jewelry there with a unique touch. Moreover, handmade decoration pieces are also available there. And all these things are also exported out from Swat in the whole country.

The handmade jewelry is beautiful. From all this, we can conclude that it is the best place for shopping as well. Because everything which they sell is firm, original, and handmade. So, don’t forget to buy them whenever you visit Swat.


The ways to Swat Valley are from Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Islamabad. The distance from Peshawar is 151 km. And the distance from Rawalpindi is 270 km. You can also go there by air. You can have a flight to Saidu Sharif, the capital of Swat. If you are willing to travel on personal vehicles, then use Motorway to reach Mardan.

After reaching Mardan, you will pass through taking Bai, Dargai, Malakand Pass, and Chakdara. Then from Chakdara, there is a direct way to Mingora, Swat. Almost 5 hours are required to cover this distance.

Swat Valley- Travel Guide


The following are the beautiful places.


The capital of Swat is Saidu Sharif. It is located near the Swat river. Two villages Kanju and Dherai, surround Saidu Sharif. All the government buildings are in Saidu Sharif. Mingora is the twin city of Saidu Sharif.

It is a commercial area. And you can buy all the things from here. It is a historical place and therefore people used to visit there. The most common spots of interest are Buddhist Stupas, Swat Museum, Margazar, White home, and Shrine of Akhund.

  • There are 1400 adorable monasteries and stupas in Nimogram, a place famous for stupas and monasteries.
  • The whole Gandhara civilization can be seen in the Swat museum. Jewelry and wooden articles of the ancient era are present in this museum.
  • Margazar is famous for its greenery. And the word Margazar means green land. There are a lot of green valleys, lakes, and mountains in Margazar.
  • The White place is also known as the Surfed Mahal. This place is very luxurious because leaders used to live in it. There is a beautiful tourist resort in it.
  • Shrine of Akhund is a kind of mosque, and it is open for visitors.


Fizagat is another delightful picnic spot. There are a lot of beautiful parks in Fizagat. Also, you will find many stunning hotels for your stay.


This is one of the most attractive resorts in Swat. It is on the topmost area of Hindu Kush mountain.

If you want to see natural beauty, then you must visit Swat. In Pakistan, Swat is the most beautiful place. Once you visit it, then you will go there again and again. Read my article carefully if you are willing to attend any northern area.

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