Deosai National Park Pakistan

Deosai National Park

Deosai National Park
Deosai National Park Pakistan

Pakistan is full of worth seeing places that are the manifestation of Nature’s complete command of creation. Northern areas of Pakistan are blessed with the beauty of natural scenes. Deosai national park is one of them, situated on the land of heaven, Kashmir


In the history of national parks in Pakistan, out of 26 parks, only 22 are under the provincial government’s guardianship, while others are under the conservation of IUCN. 


Location of Deosai National Park:

Location of Deosai National Park

It is present on the heights of a mountain in the valley of Kashmir and included in the world’s highest pleasures globally; because of this height, it is also popular with the name of Roof of the world. It is 13000 feet above sea level.

The word Deosai is derived from the Urdu word, which means the “Land of Giants” is called so because of its super altitude and highest elevation. Desai’s word combines two words, Deo, which means giant, and the sai means shadow. It is called so because of the height of mountains preset along with it.


Deosai national park’s weather is freezing; that’s why it is impossible to visit this winter. It is accessible in summers only.



deosai national park

 It was established and arise on the earth in 1993 with all its full bloom and wonder. This was mainly developed to conserve the habitat of the wild organisms. It was found to overcome the pressure the brown bears faced because of hunting and over-exploitation by humans. After this initiation, it proves to be a betterment for brown bears, but the threat has not been over yet.


Division of zones:

The government of Pakistan has divided the national park into different zones. Some of the zones are prohibited for the visitors, and few zones are just specified for the brown bears. One of the particular areas is the core zone, which is protected explicitly for them.


Geography and wildlife:

This park consists of an area of 3000 square kilometers. It is located in the valley of Kashmir between the Karakoram and Himalaya mountains. It includes the number of trees, mountains, streams as well as running lakes.


Conservation of Habitat:

National Desi park also acts as a habitat for wild animals, especially brown bears, protected there. It is also the homeland for fox, wolves, snow leopards, marmots, and other snow cocks. If this critical step has not been taken in time, the endangered species of the brown bear would have been extinct yet. Several markhor and marmot reside there, which are not visible to spot in the daylight.


Beauty and Natures of Deosai National Park:

deosai plains
Beauty and Natures of Deosai National Park

 It is highly famous for its charm and appealing sights. The whole park blooms in the spring season with the eye-catching sights of flowers, which are covered with the flocks of butterflies all the time to enhance the wonder of this bewitching view, its green grass valley appeals the tourists very much, and the highest mountains surrounding the park is exceptionally winsome. 

It is surrounded by several streams, flowing rivers, rolling hills, and jumping brown bears. Its magical landscape and wondrous sights left all of its visitors speechless. It is present in high esteem.

That’s why this heavenly place is accessible in summers only from July onwards. It plays a vital role in catching the attraction of tourists as well. Deosai national park is also blessed with the alongside a river, which is also called Bara Pani, running along the length transversely with the park.


The Roof of the world:

If it is called the Roof of the world, it is no exaggeration nor a fantasy. It looks like a sky is an arms-length away from Deosai Park. The traveler feels like there is no place or point higher than this. The serenity, purity, and transparency in a view can mesmerize the visitor fully.


The attraction of tourists:

deosai weather
The attraction of tourists

Desai nation park has become the most significant attraction point for the tourists because of its lot of appealing sights and breathtaking views of mountains. The flowing lakes and streams, tallest mountains, alongside rivers, enhance the tourist’s attention toward it. The galaxy of stars and the moonlight at night always left the visitors speechless about its eternal beauty.

On the right side of the Deosai national park is Sheosar Lake. The shear lake is also called the blind lake because the exit of water flow is considered hidden. It looks like a sky is melted over the park’s grass from the top of the mountain. The number of flowers blooming alongside the lake fragrance the whole area.

 It just like a piece of botanical garden that occurred on the earth’s surface or the paradise that came from the sky to show the trail of the real heaven. The feeling of silence is also present there, breathtaking silence that one can hear his own heartbeat. This silence is mingled by the naughtiness of the marmots present there. These delightful sights are enough to cherish the visitor. Five senses of humans are not enough to absorb the beauty of this serene place. This abode of mesmerizing beauty is flawless.


The route towards Deosai:

The route towards Deosai

The most preferable course towards the Deosai is through the Astore because this road gradually declines into the mountains along with the lush green valley. It was something more than the beauty, something divine and beyond imagination.

Sunset view:

The Deosai national park feels more fascinating in the faint sunlight and pale weather. When the galaxy of stars appears in the sky right after the sunset, it seems like the clusters of diamonds spreading on the bedsheet of the air, then Deosai looks like it is in the lap of most massive mountains. That place is the masterpiece of Nature’s creation.


Deosai national park is the masterpiece of Nature’s creation. Although it was established to conserve brown bears’ habitat, it became a sight for tourist attraction. The magic spell of mesmerizing scenes of Deosai park can keep the visitor bind forever.


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