13 Best Places to Visit in Karachi

Best Places to Visit in Karachi
Best Places to Visit in Karachi


Karachi is the previous capital of Pakistan; it is still known as the capital of Sindh. By population, it is considered to be the largest city in Pakistan. It is also said to be the beta global city. Karachi is the largest industrial and financial area that provides many opportunities to employees and workers. It is a city of variety and diversity as several ethnic and religiously different people reside there.

Karachi is the transportation hub as it is the homeland of two Pakistani Seaports, i.e., Port of Karachi and Port bin Qasim. The most famous airport, “Jinnah International Airport, is also present in Karachi. Karachi’s area is 3527 km and has a population of 25 Million. It is called the city of lights, and it never sleeps.

Karachi is proved to be a great source of attraction to the tourists. There are many sites in Karachi that play an essential role in grabbing the tourists’ attention. There are 13 Best Places to Visit in Karachi.


1. Sea view or Clifton

places to visit in karachi
Sea view or Clifton

The best places to visit in Karachi are Sea view or Clifton. It holds the record of the most famous place in Pakistan, but the beach’s sand is damaged because of the oil spilling in 2003, but it retains its charm and beauty.

There is always a crowd of families on the beach. Camel, horse, and buggy riding have their own magic on the seaside. There several vendors selling spicy and tasty snacks. In short, the sea view is the best place to visit in Karachi.

2. Mazar e Quaid

best places to visit in karachi
Mazar e Quaid

Maze e Quaid is one of the best places to visit in Karachi. It is the resting area of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It also serves as a beautiful masterpiece for tourists. The tomb of the Mazar e Quaid is built with such uniqueness that it becomes popular among the locals and the foreigners.

Mazar e Quaid is not full of people all the time; tourists come on and off to pay tribute to their founder. Yahya Merchant, the great architect, designed this place with white marble. Along with the Mazar, there is lush green gardens present which is the picnic site for the visitors.

3. Mohatta Palace

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Mohatta Palace

The best place to visit in Karachi is Mohatta Palace. The people who have an interest in the history and heritage, they love to see the palace. It was designed by the Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta, who went to India after separation.

It is built in a surface area of 18,500 square feet. It has beautiful rooms and dorms. This place is located near the seashore, which displays the charming view. There is an underground tunnel that takes to the Hindu Temple. This palace depicts the culture of the subcontinent.

4. Charna Island

Charna Island is also one of the best places to visit in Karachi. It is an island near the Arabian Sea. It is a rock in the center of the sea, which covers the surface of an area of 1.5km sq. scuba diving, jet-skiing, and underwater photography attract tourists to this place.

This place is also used for shooting. Many fishermen catch fishes, lobsters, and prawns. The beauty of Charna compels the tourists to come again and again.

5. PAF Museum

The best place to visit in Karachi is the PAF museum. It plays a pivotal role in depicting the history of Pakistan. It has some galleries and large auditoriums. This museum was built in 1960.

It has a Minesweeper ship and aircraft placed to memorize Pakistan’s history. It is wonderfully maintained and has many facilities. This place is always breezy, and the PAF museum’s evening view is worth seeing.

6. Masjid e Toobah

do darya karachi
Masjid e Toobah

The best place to visit in Karachi is Masjid e Toobah. It was built in Defense Housing Authority in 1969. It has the largest dome mosque globally, and it has the space of 5000 people in the mosque.

This mosque is beautiful inside out and has excellent infrastructure. It is designed with white marbles. The dome of Masjid e Tooba has no pillars. The architect who built this mosque must have a creative mindset.

7. Frere Hall

coldest place in pakistan
Frere Hall

Frere Hall is one of The attractive places to visit in Karachi. It is built under British rule, and it is the center for cultural people’s activities. It was constructed in 1865, and it was designed in Venetian Gothic Architecture style.

It has a gallery full of paintings and an extensive library with historical books. The book fair is conducted in the Frere hall, and it has public access.

8. Empress Market

The best place to visits in Karachi is Empress Market. It is located in Karachi and is the source of attraction. It was also constructed in the British Rule.

Its foundation was laid by James Fergusson. Nowadays, it is also considered the older market, and it is congested compared to the other supermarkets, but it displays cultural history. This market has all the little accessories available at a reasonable cost.

9. Jinnah House Museum

Jinnah house museum is one of the attractive places to visit in Karachi. It is also called as Flag Staff House. It was the residence of the Founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

His sister continued to live there even after Quaid e Azam’s death. This flag house was previously neglected due to the government’s carelessness, but now it is furnished again and open for the public for a visit. All the flag house rooms are equipped with their original furniture and belongings.

10. Chauhan tombs

The best places to visit in Karachi are Chaukhani tombs. It is present in the east of Karachi, and it covers an area of 2 square miles. They are built in a pyramid with stones in a unique design.

These pyramids show the family graveyards of people. The craves’ different methods are made on the grave of women like bracelets, rings, and anklets.

11. Port Grand

The best place to visit in Karachi is Port grand. It is a place to attract tourists because of its delicious and tasty cuisines. Some restaurants come under Port grand’s boundary that attracts the people with its appetizing fragrance.

12. Ibn-e-Qasim Park

The best place to visit in Karachi is Ibn e, Qasim Park. This is the park for public picnics and adventures. It covers an area of 130 acres. About 11 million people visit this park each year. There is also a pond for turtles that grabs kids’ attention who come with families.

13. Do Darya

The best place to visit in Karachi is Do Darya. It is a place for food lovers. It is constructed along the seashore to enhance the location’s festivity and charm. There are several cafes and restaurants in DO Darya that are famous among the people.


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