12 Best Places To Visit In Swat Valley

Best Places To Visit In Swat Valley
12 Best Places To Visit In Swat Valley


Swat valley is situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan and is considered the most striking place on the planet. This Valley has a great deal to offer for travelers.

Consistently, many individuals visit this astonishing Valley and get to discover some unique spots of swat valley. Nonetheless, the travelers are usually inexperienced with the various choices they have when they visit it and often miss the best places to visit in Swat valley.

Even though the more far-off zones, despite everything, witness land conflicts being settled with guns, but main tourist attractions like Kalam Valley and Mingora are out of danger and safe areas to explore.

The valleys, delightful scenes, attractive landscapes, enchanting waterfalls, clear spouting water, plentiful and assorted plant and wild animals, and friendliness of local people are a portion of vacationers’ reasons from everywhere on over the world are pulled in towards this appealing area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

If you are visiting Swat valley for the first time in your life and unsure where to go and what to explore, we’ve got you covered. We have listed down some of the best places to visit in Swat valley.


Best Places to visit in Swat valley

Here is the list of the best places to visit in Swat Valley.

  • Kalam Valley
  • Kumrat valley
  • Malam Jabba
  • Bahrain
  • Marghuzar
  • Saidu Sharif
  • Mahodand Lake
  • Madyan
  • Fizaghat
  • Kundol Lake
  • Shahi Bagh
  • Spin Khwar Lake

1- Kalam Valley

swat valley
Kalam Valley

Kalam is a vacation destination settled in the beautiful Valley of Swat. Having breathtaking mountains and waterways encompassing it, Kalam has numerous activities for the tourists. Kalam Valley is one of the top places to visit in Swat Valley.

The crystal clear rivers of Kalam are a result of the melted snow from the mountains. The old neighborhood stories guarantee that these waters have recovering powers.

These rivers can also be an excellent place to go during extreme heat—even a significant number of these waterways interface into the nearby lakes.

Once you reach Kalam, you can also explore the Kundol Lake nearby. To get the Kundol Lake, you have to hike for three hours from Kalam Valley. It is profoundly fitting to take a guide and you because you have to go through a part of Swat River.

Likewise, you can reach Laddu Valley, the Kundol Lake site, by jeep, which takes about 90 minutes. When you’ve dealt with your way through the climbing or jeep way, you will come across some picnic points that welcome travelers.

There are rolls accessible at the lake; however, the food can be somewhat on the costly side given the distant area. You can likewise discover water from a new water spring along the course.


2- Kumrat valley

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Kumrat valley

Kumrat Valley is a real jewel of nature, and words can’t portray the stunning excellence of this region; its spouting streams and mind-blowing mountains are something you’ll find nowhere.

Each late spring season, many travelers from various regions of the nation come to Kumrat valley and appreciate the greenery and cold climate.

The atmosphere is lovely in summer, about 20C, but it’s freezing in winter due to hefty snowfall around 3 to 11 feet, and temperature comes down to – 4 and even – 10 C.

The ideal time to explore the beauty of Kumrat Valley is during summers and spring. Without a doubt, this Valley is an undiscovered place in Upper Dir. Kumrat valley is one of the best places to visit in Swat Valley.


3- Malam Jabba

The beauty of Malam Jabba makes it the best place to visit in the Swat Valley. Although Malam Jabba might not be as famous as the rest of the Pakistan cities, don’t underestimate this city.

A small town, having mind-blowing beauty, is becoming an emerging tourist spot. You will regret not visiting this place in your life.

This hidden place has a lot of things to offer to its tourists. Jet skiing is the primary sport that attracts thousands of travelers every winter. Also, the chair lift is another attraction too.

During winters, the snow-covered mountains of Malam Jabba and the tourist resort create a heavenly atmosphere and want you to visit this place more than once.

Besides, the snow festival is arranged to provide tourists with interesting and exciting activities. They include ice skateboarding, paragliding, and jet skiing.

If you are traveling from Islamabad, it will take seven hours to reach your destination by car. And the distance is approximately 292 kilometers. Malam Jabba is one of the beautiful places in Swat Valley that you must visit.


4- Bahrain

Although it is not a famous city, its beauty and scenic landscape make it the best vacation destination. Bahrain surprises its travelers with loads of attractions and activities, which makes their trip worth the visit. You will be amazed by its hidden spots once you start exploring them.

Marina garden is the perfect place to go on the off chance that you are visiting Bahrain and searching for someplace to relax and chill out. You will find numerous excursions for adults and children too.

The Marina Garden Park, the Dolphin Resort, and the train rides are activities for kids to enjoy. Moreover, a massive space in the park gives you ample space to relax and have a fun picnic.


5- Marghuzar

Marghuzar is a beautiful area in the Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, thirteen kilometers away from Saidu Sharif. The literal meaning of the word ‘Marghuzar’ means “green land.”

In actuality, it is filled with greenery, scenic valleys, mountains, and eye-catching waterfalls. And interestingly, those water springs are higher than the Koh-e-Elam, a hill with a height of ten thousand feet.

Marghuzar is a door to Elum valley, which is situated in the south of the area. It is a beguiling, rich green, and cool Valley for adventurers that can be visited from Khandala and kadona tracks.

There are numerous places for tourists, particularly the cold springs, astonishing views, and wild creatures.


6- Saidu Sharif

With its rich green knolls, impressive mountains, and delightfully constructed buildings, Saidu Sharif, Swat is unquestionably a spot to go if you are arranging an excursion toward Pakistan’s northern territories.

Saidu Sharif is the managerial and third most significant Swat region city by turning into a noteworthy vacation spot. Wealthy in social, historical, and archeological locales, Saidu Sharif is named after Saidu Baba, a conspicuous figure in Swat’s Yusufzai district.

The lower regions of the Hindu Kush Mountains encompass Saidu Sharif’s Valley, another significant fascination for sightseers with a desire for adventure.

There are numerous climbing and trekking paths to select. Furthermore, sightseers can purchase souvenirs from the neighborhood bazaars while appreciating the locale’s tasty customary dishes.


7- Mahodand Lake

swat weather
Mahodand Lake

Mahodand is a tall mountain lake at a rise of 9,400ft over the ocean level, situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan. The lake is also called Mahodand, lies in the lower regions of the Hindu Kush Mountains.

The way to the lake is rock; it’s just 4×4 and very precarious and uneven. It’s called Saifullah Lake Road. It’s twenty-four kilometers long from Matiltan. Mahodand Lake is also one of the top places in Swat Valley that you must visit.

You must drive carefully because this mountain way has some hazardous drop-offs. The lake is just open throughout the late spring season; however, access during winter is restricted due to heavy snowfall. You can even expect snowfall during summers too.


8- Madyan

kalam weather

Madyan is an astounding slope station, and it is situated at a distance of 55 kilometers from Mingora. Madyan is a renowned vacationer location, and it is widely known for trout fish.

Many travelers come to Madyan and appreciate the cold wind of the Swat River. You can easily reach Madyan from Bahrain in just half an hour if you’re traveling by car. The total distance is ten kilometers only.

Often, the Madyan Valley is referred to as an ideal Valley because of its lovely climate. Madyan visitor house is famous, and it is situated over the central bazaar of Madyan. Madyan visitor house is very affordable.

If you are traveling from Islamabad by car, it will take you five hours to reach Madyan. The total distance between both places is 298 kilometers.


9- Fizaghat

Fizaghat is among the most beautiful slope stations and the best place to visit in Swat valley. It’s typically the principal stop of vacationers visiting the Valley.

The renowned vacation spots near Fizaghat are Fizaghat Park, Mingora city, Budhkarha religious community, Marghuzar white castle, Odigram archeological areas, and Saidu Sharif museum.

This lovely area of Fizaghat is located on Swat’s stream bank and is known for Fizaghat Park, which offers mesmeric scenes of Swat River and the splendid mountain over the river. Numerous extravagant lodgings in Fizaghat provide the best nearby cuisine and culture.


10- Kundol Lake

Kundol Lake is situated in the north of the Utrorr valley with a distance of twenty kilometers away from Kalam. Kundol Lake is just between the mountains of Hindu Kush at the height of 9,950 ft., on the northern side of Utrorr, comprised of snow-clad mountains and transcending trees.

Additionally, the path to the lake from Laddu is straightforward to go because a huge stream drifts down from the lake, which joins with Swat River in Kalam valley.

It leads close to the creek and takes you to the lake. In transit, lavish green backwoods, pleasant spots, and spouting cascades invite them to the area.

The mountains around the lake are secured by a thick cover of vegetation that improves the lake’s excellence. The edges of Kundol Lake fill in as the campground throughout all summer for the adventurers. Kundol Lake is also one of the beautiful places in Swat Valley that you must visit.


11- Shahi Bagh

Situated amid high mountains away off about 29km from Kalam valley, Shahi Bagh provides a novel scene to its tourists. Encircled by rich green fields, new water streams, and the birch trees with robin-winged animals trilling constantly, Shahi Bagh valley is pulling travelers from the nation all over.

Shahi Bagh offers an ideal area for a picnic where the travelers can have serenity and numerous agreeable atmospheres. The pleasant environment of Shahi Bagh makes people want to spend as much time as they can and enjoy with their loved ones.


12- Spin Khwar Lake

The Spin Khwar Lake is surrounded by huge mountains on the northern side of Kundol Lake and the eastern side of Utror valley. Spin Khwar comes with its significance because a white river flows into the lake from the east side, and it is an important water source for the lake.

The lake has two openings. One is from the Kundal, and the second source from Laddu valley.

A pathway towards Laddu is relatively simple in walking and not stressing compared to the track towards the Kundal, which isn’t just troublesome but alarmingly tricky even though it is short and joins Kundal with Spin Khwar.

Its risky twists need a skillful adventurer and constant physical power. The grazers in the territory have made little hovels and a mosque where one can remain; however, an individual tent is more recommendable. These cottages are not in good condition because of minor maintenance.


Some other places to visit in Swat Valley

Here is the list of some other places to visit in Swat Valley.

  • Pari Lake
  • Khar Khari lake
  • Blue water
  • Desan Valley
  • Badgoi Top
  • Ushu Valley
  • Gabral Valley
  • Mataltan
  • Falak Sar peak
  • Dhamaka lake
  • Pari Lake

Interestingly, Pari Lake has the highest elevation, which lies in the tallest range’s foothills and has significant depth. It is situated on the North-eastern side of Utror valley, and the only way to reach there is through hiking.

Hiking towards the lake requires continuance love for Mother Nature because the path is tiresome and risky. Hence, the most extreme consideration should be taken as you trek on the tight curves and paths, prompting the lake.

  • Khar Khari lake

Khar Khari Lake is located on the northern side of Gabral valley. Without much of a stretch, one can enter it through Kalam by Passing Utrorr, Gabral, Khu, Chota Jabba, and arrive Bahandra on a jeep.

The hike to Khar Khari Lake from Bahandra takes at least two hours to reach. The walk-in of this breathtaking beauty will make you witness new secrets. It is the best place to visit in the Swat valley.

  • Blue water

This lovely Valley is found a brief drive away from Mall Street Kalam. The explanation it’s called blue water results from the exciting turquoise shade of the water rising out of the region.

A delightful blue water stream spread at a tremendous zone at sight and is encircled by thick snowcapped timberland from all sides. The acclaimed Kooh Lake, otherwise called color-changing lake takes about nine hours to walk from Blue water.

  • Desan Valley

Rich green knolls, cows, and ponies are eating, and the mists are indeed streaming at eye level; this spot is another must-visit in Kalam. You can lease a jeep, which is the primary vehicle that can go up; however, it will cost you around Rs.8000, steep for two individuals.

  • Badgoi Top

The name of this spot is Badgoi Top, Upper Dir., KPK. It’s at the intersection of Kumrat Valley, which is approximately 11500 ft. above ocean level.

  • Ushu Valley

malam jabba
Ushu Valley

Ushu Valley comprises the most amusing pieces of Swat Valley. This Valley gives splendid scenes on the snow secured Mount Flaksair, which has 20,528 feet.

There are various lodgings and eateries, along with the quick streaming Ushu River. Ushu Valley from Kalam is approximately 8 kilometers, and it is around 7,550 feet above the ocean level.

  • Gabral Valley

The Gabral Valley is situated in the Kohistan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is in the south slants of the westernmost finish of the Himalayas. The Gabral River goes through the more significant part of the Valley.

Many houses are dissipated through the southernmost 7 km of the Valley; however, a few homesteads are seen for the following eight kilometers. A Street runs corresponding to the stream for around 14 km until 2 km beneath Khar Khari Lake.

  • Mataltan

Mataltan valley is around eleven kilometers far away from Kalam. It has enormous icy masses, thick woodlands, and elevated mountain tops. The tallest pinnacle of Falak Sar Mountain can easily be seen.

It is open through a non-metaled street from Kalam by a four-wheel-drive vehicle, and the beguiling pool of Mahodand comes after this town of Kalam.

Falak Sar is the most noteworthy mountain top in Ushu Valley at a rise of 19,416 ft. It is viewed as the Swat locale’s most elevated pinnacle in the Hindu Kush Mountains, trailed by Mankial mountain top.

  • Dhamaka lake

It is a pleasant town that lies on the Utror Valley Street, and it is an ideal spot for Trout fishing. Obviously, the mountains here are secured with thick deodar timberlands, and the dull green shade of the backwoods consistently relieves the eyes. It is fourteen kilometers away from Kalam.


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