Visit Citrus Park Mall: Best of Citrus Park Tourism | Travel Guide 2020

Citrus Park Mall
Visit Citrus Park Mall: Best of Citrus Park Tourism | Travel Guide 2020


Westfield Citrus Park Mall, located within the northwest of more prominent Tampa, Florida, the Citrus Stop Shopping centre, is one of the city’s fundamental shopping centres and one of the most pleasant.

A handful of little shops are counting worldwide brands such as Crevice, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, banana republic. But too three-division stores: Macy’s, Burns and JC Penney.

The nourishment court is extraordinary, as well. You’re beyond any doubt to discover what you’re looking for; you will get that particular thing.

Westfield Citrus Park Mall, Citrus Stop Town Center, is a shopping centre in Citrus Stop, Florida, that opened in Walk 1999. It has four stores Dillard’s, JC Penney, Macy’s, and Dick’s Wearing Products, and it also includes a Majestic Cinemas multiplex theatre.

There’s one vacant grapple final possessed by Burns. Westfield Bunch obtained the shopping centre in 2002 and renamed it “Westfield Citrus Stop,” dropping the “Shopping town” title in June 2005.


Westfield Citrus Stop is found in Tampa, Florida, and offers 112 stores – Scroll down for Westfield Citrus Stop shopping data:

  1. Store list (catalogue), areas, shopping centre hours, contact, and address.
  2. Address and regions: 8021 Citrus Stop Town Center, Tampa, Florida – FL 33625.
  3. Share your supposition with clients and embed shopping centre ratings and surveys for Westfield Citrus Park Mall.

It could be a beautiful, sensibly costs shopping centre for the complete family. Everybody is welcome and engaged with the handfuls of civilities.

Its helpful area off the Veterans Expressway on Gunn Thruway makes it one of the most up to date homes for customers within the Tampa Narrows Region.

For five a long time, Citrus Stop Shopping centre has given us amusement, climate, store determination, availability, and a few other services.

Extraordinary estimate shopping center. I’m remaining in between a worldwide square and West shore shopping center, and you would take the drive to citrus any day.”

Hierarchical Structure off Citrus Park Mall:

citrus park mall
Hierarchical Structure off Citrus Park Mall

Citrus Stop shopping centre to eat at Johnny Rockets and do a few shopping. There are no tall conclusion stores like Louie Vuitton, Gucci, or Fortunate Brand as there are at the Universal Mall.

There are a few benefits businesses for hair care, nails, day spa, and observe repair. The shopping centre could be a one-level straight line of stores, which makes it simple to navigate.

There is a bounty of parking with five entrances. Westfield Citrus Stop may be an intense shopping centre. For those going by, Tampa has such numerous shopping centres inside diminutive of each other; I genuinely am stunned how there are still so multiple shopping centres inside such close nearness of each other.

● Anchors:

     This mall has five anchors.

➔ Macy’s 

➔ JC Penny’s

➔ Dillard’s

➔ Dick’s Sports

➔ Regal Cinemas

● Restaurants:

      This mall has two other restaurants.

➔ BJ’s Brewhouse

➔ Red Robin.

● Priced retailers:

    It has reasonably priced retailers.

➔ Chico’s

➔ Finish Line

➔ Pandora.

Upper-middle-class food:

This shopping centre has decent upper-middle-class nourishment alternatives (such as BJ’s and Garibaldi’s) and your run of the process nourishment court determination (such as Chick fill). It, too, has a few somewhat more interesting alternatives like Pho and boba tea! I can borrow that.

The one negative to their nourishment court is they don’t have tests! Go to the Farmland Shopping centre or Universal Square amid lunch, and you’ll be able to get yourself a little supper off of the free offerings.

It appears like an all or nothing thing for nourishment courts. We fair require one courageous soul to step up and begin giving out the freebies, and then the others will bow to peer pressure.

The relaxing environment of Citrus Park Mall:

citrus park
The relaxing environment of Citrus Park Mall

The Westfield Citrus Stop Shopping centre has an air that’s distinctive from other shopping centres. The stores’ Dividers appear huge dark and white pictures of the fifties and sixties as a touch of the past.

Most shopping centres tend to have a stuffy, active air of lighting, clutter, or terrible engineering, but Citrus Park Mall Shopping centre incorporates a raw format.

The corridors are vast, with room for trees and statues of children playing in water wellsprings. There are two seats deliberately put all through the shopping centre, giving a discussion of consolation.

The lighting is loose, but the glass ceiling lets in a few extra brilliances. The general air sets an extraordinary scene to do a few shopping.

This shopping centre is shining, effortlessly walkable, clean, and well kept. It’s one long line, so you do not have much exploring to urge around, and it’s challenging to induce loss.

They have your ordinary brands here that you’d got to discover clothing for either yourself, kids, or companions. You can typically find anything you’re trying to find from work dress to relax, work out, going out, but you unquestionably need to be arranged to look.

Great place for shopping:

citrus park mall hours
Great place for shopping

Incredible put for shopping, family, and exercises! The most excellent portion is so numerous places for kids to play, and they keep them clean! I accept they have 6 locations for more youthful kids to play, they too have a better than average washroom, but it’s within the nourishment court area.

I wish they had a couple of others. If you ought to go, and you’ll be able to attempt finding the one in dollars or the other colossal division store! That’s found upstairs ordinarily! The nourishment court is conventional. What spares them is the Vietnamese put and Chick fill a!

Accessible for all:
citrus park mall movies
Accessible for all

Westfield Citrus Stop is exceptionally respectable when it comes to practicality. Stopping space is copious with a carport close to the Superb Cinemas, a vast zone encompassing the whole mall.

When you’re interior, attempting to discover a put to sit down on a seat is no distinctive. Literally up to date, the complete put contains 68 chairs, stools, and sitting ranges.

The shopping centre is single-levelled with the particular case of the division stores that have two levels. They all have escalators and lifts for simplicity.

Extra amenities:

Citrus Stop Shopping centre offers something indeed more marvellous past all of its shops, its civilities. There is a slew of concierge services to assist you together with your shopping involvement.

They extend from a complementary shopping sack to free inflatables to a bundle carry out service.

One specific one that stands out on the list is an eager mother stopping that gives pregnant ladies near stopping.

A few other incredible features incorporate a craftsmanship exhibition, numerous magnificence salons, a family relaxes prepared with everything required for minor children, a dental practitioner office, and a kids club.

Facilities to the customers:
regal cinemas citrus park mall
Facilities to the customers

We have come here for a long time and gotten the same incredible benefit from the carousel and its staff. A few workers have been there for years. It’s decent to go somewhere that we treat like family.

Within the past few weeks, I had noted that the shopping centre isn’t truly as strict on the cover order as they were when they began with opened back up.

When I go into the shopping centre, you scarcely see securities presence, and it’s as on the off chance that they halted making beyond any doubt covers are wears within the shopping centre.

The order states that children over two must wear a veil. Essentially any children walking within the shopping centre are unmasked, and a few of their guardians.

Fortunately, when we ride the carousel, their representatives wear covers and are continuously cleaning week after week. I have taken note of signs posted all over the shopping centre around surfaces.

I do not understand who is making, beyond any doubt, individuals who enter are wearing an I’ve indeed seen clients getting frantic at workers of a handful of stores and the carousel since they ask to wear a mask.

“They have had the same staff since I have been coming here, and my children adore the woman at the carousel.”

Positive reviews of dwellers:

● Citrus Stop may be a decent neighbourhood within the edges of Tampa. It’s a decent elude from the hustle and haste of the busy Tampa area. 

● The excellent zone is calm and near to everything you would like. Excellent schools and regions for children to develop up. 

● Delightfully secure community to raise kids and has excellent schools but has nearly no nightlife for youthful adults. 

● Activity to commute to/from work isn’t awful, and neighbours are neighbourly. The area is incredible since it is close to grocery stores, banks, and the mall. 

● Citrus Park Mall is within the centre of everything. You don’t need to drive the distance to induce to where ever you wish to be. 

● There’s no wrongdoing I see happening, indeed, even though I listen to almost the intermittent vandalism and see a few spray painting around. 

● Financially, this region is exceptionally reasonable and competitive with the encompassing areas. 

● There’s a path adjacent that numerous visits to urge outside. There are too multiple exercise centres to go to within the area. 

● Teenagers saw a motion picture, grown-ups ate, strolled and


This shopping centre is one of the most delightful, and you’ll be able to see they’re enduring. The environment, staff, products, services, facilities, and clean washrooms for customers depicted it as one of the best shopping malls.

They facilitate their customers in a well-mannered way By and primarily clean, parcels of only stopping. Trust the anchors manage to remain in the trade. A few little shops weren’t indeed open, however.

They got to get back to trade, or numerous will come up short. It’s pitiful. Typically a substantial nearby mall.

Citrus Park Mall could be a charming shopping centre to visit. With such numerous retail stores and shopping centres closing since of Amazon and other online requesting, it is pleasing to have still a put to shop where you’ll be able to walk in consolation inside.

I developed up planning to shop centres and kept in mind when this shopping centre builts. Though a few of the stores I continuously preferred are gone, that’s not the shopping centre’s blame.

I trust shopping centres like this remain open, and more quality retail stores make a comeback. I am doing my portion by shopping an individual.


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