5 Things to Know About Puerto Princesa

Things to Know About Puerto Princesa
5 Things to Know About Puerto Princesa


Puerto Princesa is a city located in the Philippines. It was founded in 1872 and has a total population of 255,116 according to census 2015. The city is highly urbanized, situated in the western province of Palawan, Philippines.

While the city has the least densely populated but the total area of the town is around 2,381 km2. The town is famous for its unique places to visit as a tourist and traveler. Also, the city is the greenest and the cleanest in the Philippines.

Puerto Princesa is the home to many beach resorts and delicious seafood restaurants. A tourist will never get dissatisfied with the city in terms of food. You get your tummy filled in almost every area of the town.

The city Peurto Princesa got her name after Princess Maria Cristina. The princess suffered an untimely death, then the Queen changed the name of the city to Puerto de la Princesa, which is known as Puerto Princesa in short.

Puerto Princesa is one of the best cities to stay, visit and explore in the whole country and the fantastic tourist places and their mouth-watering food makes the city more special. Here you will get to know 5 best things to know about Puerto Princesa –

Things To Know About Puerto Princesa

  • Location
  • Best Places To Stay In Puerto Princesa
  • Things To Do In Puerto Princesa
  • Transportation
  • Health



puerto princesa

Puerto Princesa is an 1872 founded city located in the mid-section of Palawan Island, Philippines. The city is 460 km away from Zamboanga, 567 km away from Manila, and 380 km away from Panay Island.

Best Places To Stay In Puerto Princesa

  • Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa
  • Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa
  • Aziza Paradise Hotel
  • Astoria Palawan

1- Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa:

The Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa is located in the city of Puerto Princesa. The resort is situated near Kaluyo Falls and Subterranean River National Park. The resort is a relaxing place, to get the best experience of calm and peaceful ambiance, this resort is perfect for you.

The resort has a 340-ft long pool which is the largest on the whole island, where you can capture some memorable moments and chill out with your friends and family.


2- Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa:

The Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa should be one of the best places to stay in Puerto Princesa. The resort offers an impressive and overlooking view of the Sulu Sea.

You can get the beautiful sunset view from your bedroom where you can relax, chill out with your friends and family and refresh yourself. The resort also offers various facilities such as sports, water activities, fun & games, snorkeling, and a spa so that you will get the best enjoyable moments with your friends and family.


3- Aziza Paradise Hotel:

puerto princesa underground river
Aziza Paradise Hotel

Aziza Paradise Hotel is a hotel and resort located in the city of Puerto Princesa. To get an excellent, calm, and peaceful ambiance, the hotel is for you.

While Aziza Paradise Hotel offers the most excellent service to their guests, they also provide multi-national cuisines, superclub, pool terrible, and a corporate center that can accommodate 2,000 people.


4- Astoria Palawan:

Astoria Palawan is a hotel & resort located on a five-hectare mango orchard in Puerto Princesa, Philippines. The hotel has a waterpark, a pool, a marine sanctuary, a seafood restaurant, a riverside, and many other things.

The hotel is a kind of gem on its own, where the rooms are in bold colors, which will give you a brainstorming experience. You can see the fantastic panoramic view of the Sulu Sea from the hotel.


Things To Do In Puerto Princesa

  • Island Hopping In Honda Bay
  • Sunset View from Nagtabon View Deck
  • Ziplining In Ugong Rock
  • Visit The Underground River
  • Baker’s Hill
  • Sabang


1- Island Hopping In Honda Bay:

puerto princesa subterranean river national park
Island Hopping In Honda Bay

Honda Bay is situated just a 20-minute drive away from the city center. One of the best places to visit as a tourist and traveler, the travelers can hire a small boat and visit Starfish, Luli, and Cowrie Islands.

These islands are exceptional in their own self; every island has its unique identity as the Luli Island is famous for its beautiful sandbag while the Starfish Island is very popular among the locals etc.


2- Sunset View from Nagtabon View Deck:

To get the most fantastic view of the sunset, the view from Nagtabon View Deck gives you an unforgettable moment in your life. The beach is kind of a great place to hang out and have a lot of fun with your friends and family.


3- Ziplining In Ugong Rock:

puerto princesa palawan
Ziplining In Ugong Rock

One of the best things to do in Puerto Princesa is ziplining in Ugong Rock. The fantastic view from the top and narrow way along with the whole trek of ziplining filled your life with an unforgettable and most fantastic memory.

The quick but exciting hike is a way better thing to do in the city. Later on, you can visit the underground river, but the in-between stop the Ugong Rock is a worthy place to stay.


4- Visit The Underground River:

The Underground River is one of the best places to visit as a tourist and traveler in Puerto Princesa. The river got ultimate recognition when it became one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2012. The cave is in the formations of stalactite and stalagmite, which you can visit on tour by hiring a boat.


5- Baker’s Hill:

The hill is on another level of beauty; Baker’s Hill is amazingly famous for its scenic nature, where you can take pictures and show your friends and family.

Baker’s hill is famous for its delicious and tasty local delicacies. The tourist and travelers visit the mountain to get a fantastic experience of the beautiful view and mouth-watering regional cuisines.


6- Sabang:

puerto princesa city

Last but not least, the worth visiting place Sabang is one of the best places to visit as a tourist and traveler in the city of Puerto Princesa. The place has a beachfront where you can chill out with your friends and family.

Visiting Sabang is incomplete if you don’t check out the Sabang waterfall, Mangrove Forest, and Sabang X Zipline. The place gives you and your family & friends a book of unforgettable memories.



The transportation services in the city are pretty good and pocket-friendly. The city has an international airport, “Puerto Princesa International Airport,” the airport serves major flights to other countries and internationally.

You can take the ferries to Cuyo, Coron, Iloilo, and Manila’s capital city from Puerto Princesa’s port. The town has a primary mode of public transport operated by jeepneys, vans & tricycles. From 2015, a taxi service had also started.



The city of Puerto Princesa is home to many hospitals and health centers such as Palawan Medical City, Palawan Adventist Hospital, PuertoGyn Clinics & Infirmary, and MMG-PPC Cooperative Hospital.


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