7 Things To Know About Bantayan Island

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7 Things To Know About Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is an island located at the northern end of Cebu Island in the Visayan Sea, Philippines. The island has a total population of 1,20,447 according to census 2015.

Island is about 16 kilometers in length while the width of the island is about 11 kilometers. It is located at an elevation of 26 meters. The island is also the largest island of the Bantayan Group, lies close to the geographical centre of the Philippine archipelago.

The island is famous for its weather and amazing locations to visit as a tourist or traveler, the average climate of the Island is less than three degrees (5.4 deg F) over the year.

While the Island is the main and largest island of the Bantayan Group, the island is administratively divided into three municipalities:

  1. Bantayan (the central part)
  2. Madridejos (the northern part)
  3. Santa Fe (southeastern part)

The island has a total area of 108.77 square kilometers. The island group has numerous islets, most of them are situated at the southwest corner of the island. Famous for its tourist places and the amazingly cold weather, the Bantayan Island is one of the best places to visit as a tourist and traveler.

If you are a lover of sea beaches, islands or islets (smaller islands), and cold weather, the Island is for you. If you want to visit the Bantayan Island and to know more about it, this guide helps you to know some of the best things about Island –

7 Things To Know About Bantayan Island

  1. Location
  2. Transport
  3. Where To Stay In Bantayan Island
  4. Places To Visit In Bantayan Island
  5. Flora And Fauna
  6. Notable Islands
  7. Society

1.   Location –


The island located at the northern end of Cebu Island in Visayan Sea, Philippines. Known as the largest and main island of the Bantayan Group, the island is a region of Central Visayas and province of Cebu.

2.   Transport


Transportation services are good in Bantayan Island. To reach the island, a ferry service is available from Hagnaya to Santa Fe.

The Bantayan Airport is also available on Bantayan Island, for chartered planes usually arriving from Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

A total of 3 lightstations situated around the island –

  • LS Bantayan on the beach at Bantigue
  • LS Buntay offshore of the Kota promontory, Madridejos
  • LS Guintacan at the southeast end of Guintacan island

3.   Where To Stay In Bantayan Island –


A total of 40+ resorts,  inns, and guesthouses takes place all around the Island.To stay on Bantayan I sland is very pocket friendly as well as it is very easy to find places to stay on Bantayan Island.

The average cost of a basic room per night is around P400 only. Stay in tents is also an option around the island, a tent can be rented for less than P200 only.

The island is a home for more than 40+ resorts, inns and guesthouses, while this guide tells you top 4 properties to stay on the island –

●     Anika Island Resort.

●     La Playa Estrella Beach Resort.

●     Adelaida Pensionne Hotel

●     Edsan Apartment

4.   Places To Visit In Bantayan Island –

The Island is one of the best places to visit as a tourist or traveler. The cold weather, amazing and helpful local people, sea beaches, and some best tourist spots makes the island more special.

Here are top 4 places to visit in Bantayan Island –

1.    Obo-ob Mangrove Eco Park –


The Obo-ob Mangrove Eco Park is one of the best places to visit in Bantayan Island. The park can be explored by boats as well you can explore it as a pedestrian.

An elevated boardwalk is also in the park which will take you around and gives you a relaxing stroll. The entrance fee of the broadwalk is about P50.

2.    Virgin Island And Hilantagaan Island –

Virgin_Island_And_Hilantagaan _sland

The Virgin Island and Hilantagaan Islands are two major islands in Bantayan. The virgin island is a privately owned island, P500 is the entry fees to the island.

You can take a P1000 package for a full day to explore the islands, while you can spend P700 for a half day tour.

3.    Sts. Peter And Paul Church –


Sts. Peter and Paul Church should be in the list of top places to visit the island. The church was built in 1580, the oldest parish church is the best spiritual place to visit.

The church is the oldest church in Visayas and Mindanao.

4.    Paradise Beach –


Philippines has a lot of beautiful beaches like Masasa beach, Laiya etc, and Paradise beach is no exception. It is the best beach in the island. As the name suggests, this beach is actually a paradise for the people who love to stay away from the crowd. The beach is open from 9 am upto 5 pm.

Entry fees would be around P50. And it is worth visiting as a tourist and traveler in Bantayan Island.

5.   Flora And Fauna –

bantayan island

The Island is very popular for its coconut palms. You can see coconut everywhere around the island. The island is home for wolf snakes. But you can see them very occasionally.

The Island is one of the best places to visit as well as it is a home for many bird species.

  • Eastern reef-egret
  • Chinese egret
  • Little heron
  • Grey plover
  • Greater sand-plover
  • Eurasian whimbrel
  • Ruddy turnstone
  • Godwit sp

These are some of the bird species you can see on the island.

6.   Notable Islands –

The Island is the largest and major island of the Bantayan Group. There are lots of other islands in the Bantayan Island Group:

  • Botique
  • Botong
  • Byagayag Islands
  • Doong
  • Hilantagaan
  • Hilantagaan Diot
  • Hilutungan
  • Lipayran
  • Mambacayao
  • Moambuc
  • Panagatan
  • Panitugan
  • Patao
  • Sagasay
  • Silagon
  • Yao Islet

These are some of the major islands and islets (a small island) of the Bantayan Islands Group.

7.   Society

●     Health care –

As the major island of the Bantayan Group, increasing population and becoming one of the best tourist spots, a bill has been presented in congress for the establishment of a 100-bed tertiary-level hospital.

The nearest hospital is about 4 hours travel away from the island, which is located in Cebu City.

●     Education –

In terms of population, in terms of tourist spots, in terms of increasing number of tourists, or in terms of education, the island is growing day by day.

The first school in Bantayan Island is Gabaldon School, it was opened in 1915. Since the day, Bantayan Island is now a home for high schools and privately owned colleges as well.

Bantayan Southern Institute, Salazar College plays a vital role in the education sector of Bantayan Island. St. Paul Academy is a private high school in Bantayan municipality.


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