A Perfect Baguio Itinerary

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Baguio city is a city located in the mountainous area of Luzon, Philippines. The city was founded in 1900. According to census 2015, the city has a total population of 3,45,366. The city of Baguio is also known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The city is located at an elevation of 4,810 feet, it is approximately 1,470 meters above the sea level.

Baguio is a home for mossy plants, orchids, and pine trees. The city is a highly urbanized city and also a major center for education, businesses and commercial sectors.

 The city was first known as Kafagway, the name Baguio derived from a word Bagiw which means moss. While the city is beneficial for growth of mossy plants, it is now known as Baguio City.

Famous for its amazing places to visit as a tourist and traveler, there are a lot of things to know about Baguio. So, we are introducing a perfect Baguio Itinerary.

Baguio Itinerary



The city is located in the mountainous area of Luzon, Philippines. It was founded in Cordillera and situated at 16.42 latitude and 120.59 longitude. The elevation of the city is approximately over 1400+ meters above sea level.


Where To Stay In Baguio


1- Skyline Seven:-

Skyline Seven is one of the best hotels to stay in Baguio, Philippines. The hotel has a calm, peaceful ambience which gives an amazing experience to guests. While the hotel is away from the city rush, the hotel is accessible and close to various public transportations.

Free breakfast is a speciality of the hotel which fills your tummy before going to explore the city. The staff is very friendly, the hotel has a dining area, picnic area, garden, lockers lounge and free private parking spaces for their guests.


2- MT Baguio Transient Homes:-

  • Location – Loakan Road 5, 2602 Baguio, Philippines

The city has a lot of hotels to stay, but MT Baguio Transient Homes are one of the best sellers in Baguio. The homes offer three bedrooms, a living room, fully furnished dining room, and a kitchen.

If you want to explore the city with private cars, they  also offer car rentals if you request. Private parking, free Wi-fi, groceries, board games etc are offered by MT Baguio Transient Homes.


3- Koinonia Retreat Center:-

  • Location – Fairbreeze 30 Fairbreeze Bakakeng Baguio City, 2600 Baguio, Philippines
  • Phone Number – 0926 418 0879

If you are a lover of peaceful, calm, and beautiful ambience, the Koinonia Retreat Center is the place for you. They take care of cleanliness, hygiene, and their guests.

The place offers free private parking spaces to their guests, lounge and TV area, free wi-fi, baggage storage area, library, households, shared kitchen etc. The tourists get an amazing experience of great mountain views from the rooms Koinonia Retreat Center.

4- Florida’s Transient House:-

  • Location: Holy Ghost Extension, 2600 Baguio, Philippines
  • Phone Number: 0917 624 5741

Florida’s Transient House is a highly recommended accommodation which can accommodate upto 20 people. The house is awarded by Booking.com due to the amazing reviews made by guests.

The ambience, hot and cold shower, cable tv, free wi-fi, kitchen, private parking and a refrigerator makes the house more special. The house gives you and your friends and family an amazing and unforgettable experience.


Places To Visit In Baguio


1- Botanical Garden:-

The city has an amazing, and brainstorming Botanical Garden. The garden is one of a kind in itself, the flora and fauna makes the garden one of the best places to visit as a tourist and traveler while the spirituality of the garden makes it more special than ever.

The gardes is a home for native hut replicas of local Igorot people. A lot of bright flowers and luscious plants take place around these huts. You can see butterflies and a range of bird species around the garden which gives an outstading experience to the tourists and visitors.


 2- Lion’s Head:-

The Lion’s Head is one of the best places to visit in the city of Baguio. One of the main tourist attractions located at Kennon Road, the place has a 40-foot tall Lion’s head.

A Filipino woodcarver Anselmo Bayang Day-ag brought an idea to carve the monument into a limestone mountain. If you visit the city of Baguio, the Lion’s Head is a must visit place as a tourist and traveler.


3- Baguio City Market:-

The Baguio City Market is one of a kind in itself, the market has a wide range of shops and repairing centers. The market has a variety of food and beverages stalls, just sit and try locally caught fish, strawberries, philippine staple, and longanisa in the Baguio City Market.


4- Asin Hot Springs:-

The Asin Hot Springs is located in the rolling emerald mountains of Baguio City, Philippines. Getting a diving experience in hot springs and springs pools will definitely make your day.

You can spend a relaxing day with some fresh air, amazing views and sceneries around Asin Hot Springs. The big water slide spits you out into a pool and fill your day with energized feelings.

The restaurant on the site offers some yummy Filipino dishes with a pocket friendly pricing and a brainstorming ambiance which gives you an amazing experience.



baguio itinerary

Ibaloi is a commonly spoken language in the city of Baguio. The locals are very helpful and friendly in nature, and some of them can talk in English and you can freely ask anything from them.



1- Air:-

The city has an airport called Loakan Airport. It is located south of the city center, serving the general area of Baguio.

The airport is divided into two parts, a trunkline airport and a major commercial domestic airport. The airport is not in use currently for regular commercial services.

2- Land:-

One of the primary roads in the city is known as the Session Road. You can use Taxis and Jeepneys as the main public transport in the city of Baguio.



The city is providing some best private hospitals to take care of any of your health issues –

  • Baguio Medical Center
  • Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital
  • BCU-Santo Niño de Jesus Medical Center Foundation
  • Baguio Filipino-Chinese General Hospital and Medical Research Center



1- Festivals and Holidays:-

The Panagbenga Festival is celebrated in the city as a way to give tribute to the flowers of the city and also to the devastation of the 1990 Luzon Earthquake. Dancers in flower-inspired costumes dancing on street during the festival.

2- Education:-

The city is considered as the Educational Hub of the North. According to a survey in 2007, the city has a total of 1,41,088 students out of a total population of 3,01,926.

There are several public and privately owned schools, while Pines City National High School and Baguio City National High School are some secondary public schools in the city.

3- Sports:-

The city hosted the World Chess Championship in 1978. Anatoly Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi had been playing in the tournament at that time.

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