Everything was available of a Chinese Buffet with a delightful choice of crab legs, Shrimp, chicken dishes, hamburger, and several veggies in the super king buffet. I was marginally baffled by the Mongolian Flame broil parcel.

Still, I think it was my blame for not putting sufficient hot sauce in my bowl choices. I or maybe delighted in the profound fricasseed Shrimp (with heads on) and generally thought we got great esteem for the cash. Nothing marvelous, but at that point, nothing awful either.

The hot and acrid soup was shockingly great, not excessively salty as is typical. Chinese Ruler buffets appear to rise and drop, but so distant, ord Buffet keeps up its tall guidelines for the quality and taste of buffet king.

They offer the regular standard dishes, but too beautiful not too bad sushi rolls made in-house, and a Mongolian barbecue station. Supper incorporates crab legs, little steaks, and salt & pepper shrimp on the beat of the usual lunch things in the super king buffet.

Best of all, I can say that I’ve never felt awful after eating here, which is more than I can say around about each other Buffet in town.

Larger King Buffet:

Ruler Buffet is one of the most prominent eateries in Dallas and has an encompassing range – 12,000 square feet. We have a wide determination of favorite nourishments counting Chinese, Japanese and American nourishment things on our preeminent Buffet.

What decent astonish! Ruler Buffet was more extensive than I thought and an extraordinary assortment of Asian dishes. I was satisfied that there were a few Shrimp determinations and Sushi. Everything was new and engaging in the super king buffet

The eatery was exceptionally clean and benefited the staff attentive. King Buffet routinely – great assortment of nourishments makes it conceivable for everybody in our gather to discover something they appreciate to buffet king.

Mongolian flame broil may be a favorite, and it doesn’t fetch additional. Great choice of natural products, and servings of mixed greens, a few sweets, and the standard Asian nourishments.

Exceptionally sensibly estimated. The benefit is continuously great; everything shows up to be exceptionally clean in the super king buffet.

Best Chinese Buffet in San Antonio:

china king buffet
Best Chinese Buffet in San Antonio

Chinese buffets appear to rise and drop, but so distant, Lord Buffet keeps up its tall measures for quality and taste. They offer the regular standard dishes, sweet, better-than-average sushi rolls made in-house, and a Mongolian flame broil station.

Supper incorporates crab legs, little steaks, and salt & pepper shrimp on best of the usual lunch things in buffet king. Best of all, I can say that I’ve never felt terrible after eating here, which is more than I can say around about each other Buffet in the town of super king buffet.

Fresh items at King Buffet:

Over 150 new things every day. Sushi, Chinese, Fish, Pastries & much more. Lord Buffet is your unused favorite china king buffet in Pottstown, Dad zone! We serve up the delightful Chinese and Mongolian cooking you’ve been searching for, as well as a sushi buffet that would be ideal if you indeed the pickiest authority. 

There’s nothing way better than getting everything you need at a buffet restaurant! Our buffet eatery is filled with an incredible assortment of Mongolian and Chinese nourishment choices.

From our delightful sushi buffet to our Mongolian flame broil entrees, your whole family will be fulfilled. So call to Arrange Chinese nourishment in Pottstown, choose up as it were.

We are looking forward to serving you at Lord Buffet in Pottstown!

Delicious Chinese Cuisine:

ranchero king buffet
Delicious Chinese Cuisine

On the off chance that you’re in a surge, you’ll still be able to get the most excellent Chinese food in Pottstown. We offer “Buffet to go.” You’ll take your supper and eat where you are if you don’t mind.

We make it helpful to urge an excellent lunch or dinner. Our whole staff is full of experienced experts who are learned around our trade-in super king buffet around all angles. 

At Lord China king buffet, we make you feel right at domestic with a delightful dinner and excellent client service. While our benefit is inviting and obliging, it’s the nourishment that will bring you back once more and once more.

We have a tremendous menu with all of your buffet favorites furthermore a few unused and curiously combinations. To test the limits of “all you’ll eat!”

Enjoy King Buffet:

So, what are you holding up for? Whether for lunch, supper, or a delicious supper to go, we are undoubtedly energetic to serve you. With family, with associates or companions, come alone but unquestionably come hungry and prepared to indulge.

We welcome you to investigate our site to memorize more about the numerous buffet things we offer at Ruler Buffet! So, visit us before long; you’ll be so happy you did! 

Chinese Buffet:

The nourishment isn’t as great because it was within the pas of china king buffet. A parcel of the food was dried out and cold. The hot and acrid soup tasted watered down.

This put utilizes to be exceptionally great but has gone downslope. By and large, the nourishment was not great, but the staff was good. Food is generally affirmed. Great determination but not excellent quality. Absentminded Benefit. Had four grown-ups, a six-year ancient. 

All had water, and the charge was $70+. At that point, the 11-year ancient had to pay the grown-up cost parts of ideal places to select from Palestine. Don’t arrange on return.

You cannot find a cleaner eatery. In case you do not like fricasseed nourishment, you’ll be able to get great flame-broiled vegetables, pork, chicken, and fish. Desserts are all made in-house, and Sushi is made by hand. The staff is exceptionally accommodating.

Holiday’s lunch:

What pleasant shock! Lord china king buffet was more extensive than I thought and had an incredible assortment of Asian dishes. I was satisfied that there were a few Shrimp choices and Sushi.

Everything was new and engaging. The eatery was exceptionally clean and benefited the staff attentive. We eat at Ruler Buffet routinely – a great assortment of nourishments makes it conceivable for everybody in our gather to discover something they appreciate.

Mongolian barbecue may be a favorite; it doesn’t fetch additional. Great determination of natural products and servings of mixed greens, a few pastries, and the standard Asian nourishments. Exceptionally sensibly estimated. The benefit is continuously fabulous; everything shows up to be exceptionally clean.

Standard Chinese Buffet with a Mongolian Grill:

buffet king
Standard Chinese Buffet with a Mongolian Grill

Everything was commonplace of a china king Buffett with a proper determination of crab legs, Shrimp, chicken dishes, hamburger, and several veggies.

I was marginally disillusioned with the Mongolian Barbecue parcel, but I think it was my blame for not putting sufficient hot sauce in my bowl choices. I or maybe delighted in the profound browned Shrimp (with heads on) and generally thought we got great esteem for the cash. Nothing fabulous, but at that point, nothing terrible either.

The hot and acrid soup was shockingly great, not excessively salty as is ordinary. Pleasant determination of Sushi.

Gross place, nasty:

Loathsome nourishment put smells like washroom cleanser. Observed one of the china king buffet individuals rake nourishment off in her hand and toss it back into the serving tray. Food is sweet.

The assortment is precious, and I met my niece and her2 children for lunch. We had an extraordinary time. The kids had nourishments they preferred, and so did we.

China King Buffet options:

The china king buffet includes a parcel of options. The chicken kabob and the natural product are the most excellent alternatives. Most noticeably awful egg rolls I’ve ever had.

The dumplings aren’t new and feel like something from a primary need store, within the cheapest sack. The chicken with any sort of sauce is wet and dull. The sweet and acrid pork is as well extreme.

The sweet and acrid chicken is average and secure to eat. Everything was scarcely room temperature, borderline cold, and they charge like $10 an individual for all of the loathsome food.

On the other hand, China Ruler Buffet is delicious and has everything from sweet, peach-shaped dessert buns to steamed fish dishes to Sushi! It is affordable and an incredible put to bring the entire family.

Moreover, the staff checked up on us as often as possible to create beyond any doubt we were okay.

Menu of China King Buffet:


  • Pork or Shrimp Egg Roll (1)$1.00Boneless 
  • Spare Ribs$4.65 – $8.50B-
  • B-Q Spare Ribs$4.65 – $8.50
  • Fried King Crabs (6)$3.95
  • Fried Wontons (10)$2.50
  • Fried or Steamed Dumplings (8)$4.75
  • Teriyaki Beef (5)$3.95
  • Chicken on the Stick (6)$3.95
  • Fried Shrimp (16)$4.95
  • Fried Chicken Wings (6)$2.00
  • Crab Rangoon (8)$4.25

Soup w. crispy noodles:

  • Wonton$1.60 – $2.95
  • Egg Drop$1.25 – $2.50
  • Hot & Sour$1.50 – $2.95
  • Seafood (For 2)$5.50
  • Vegetable (For 2)$4.50
  • Wonton House Special (For 2)$5.50

Fried Rice:

  • Vegetable$2.95 – $5.50
  • Roast Pork or Chicken
  • $3.25 – $5.75
  • Beef or Ham$3.25 – $5.75
  • Shrimp$3.75 – $6.25
  • House Special$3.75 – $6.75
  • White Rice$0.90 – $1.80

Lo Mein or Chow Fun soft noodles:

  • Roast Pork or Chicken$3.95 – $5.50
  • Vegetable$3.50 – $5.95
  • Beef$3.95 – $6.50
  • Shrimp$3.95 – $6.95
  • House Special$3.95 – $6.95

Chow Mein w. crispy noodles and steamed rice:

  • Roast Pork or Chicken$3.25 – $5.50
  • Vegetable$3.25 – $5.25
  • Beef$3.25 – $5.50
  • Shrimp$3.50 – $5.95
  • House Special$3.75 – $6.50

Vegetable w. steamed rice:

  • Vegetable Delight$4.25 – $6.25
  • Broccoli w. Brown Sauce$4.25 – $6.25
  • Bean Curd Home Style$4.25 – $6.25
  • Broccoli w. Garlic Sauce$4.25 – $6.25
  • Moo Shu Vegetable (w. 5 Pancakes)$6.75

Egg Foo Young w. steamed rice and gravy:

  • Roast Pork or Chicken$6.25
  • Mushroom or Vegetable$6.25
  • Shrimp$7.25
  • House Special$7.25
  • Beef$6.25

Poultry w. steamed rice:

  • Mandarin Chicken w. Gravy$4.55 – $7.25
  • Lemon Chicken w. Lemon Sauce$4.55 – $7.25
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken$4.55 – $7.25
  • Chicken w. Mixed Vegetable$4.55 – $7.25
  • Chicken w. Cashew Nuts$4.55 – $7.25
  • Chicken w. Garlic or Oyster Flavored Sauce$4.55 – $7.25
  • Chicken w. Broccoli$4.55 – $7.25
  • Chicken w. Snow Peas$4.55 – $7.25
  • Curry Chicken$4.55 – $7.25
  • Kung Po Chicken$4.55 – $7.25
  • Hunan Chicken$4.55 – $7.25
  • Moo Goo Gai Pan$4.55 – $7.25
  • (w. 5 Pancakes)$7.25
  • Tiny Spicy Chicken$4.55 – $7.25

Seafood w. steamed rice:

  • Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable$5.25 – $8.75
  • Shrimp w. Garlic or Black Bean Sauce$5.25 – $8.75
  • Shrimp w. Snow Peas$5.25 – $8.75
  • Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce$5.25 – $8.75
  • Shrimp w. Broccoli$5.25 – $8.7
  • Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts$5.25 – $8.75
  • Shrimp w. Chinese Vegetable$5.25 – $8.75
  • Shrimp Szechuan Style$5.25 – $8.75
  • Sweet & Sour Shrimp$5.25 – $8.75
  • Spicy Sauteed Shrimp$5.25 – $8.75
  • Scallops Szechuan Style$5.25 – $8.75
  • Moo Shu Shrimp (w. Pancakes)$8.75

Diet Special with steamed rice & sauce on the side:

  • Green Jade Chicken$7.25
  • Steamed Ocean Delight$9.75
  • Steamed Mixed Vegetables$8.50
  • Dieter’s Shrimp Dish$8.75
  • Steamed Triple Delight$8.75

Asian King Buffet:

This Asian Lord Buffet gives that and more. Asian Lord Buffet is the littlest of my three favorite Chinese buffet eateries in Springfield, and it is my favorite.

I go to the others from time to time, fair for a view, but I continuously return to this Asian King Buffet. The servers are exceptionally mindful; the nourishment is constantly hot, the plates and bowls are always well supplied, the tables are roomy, clean, and not as well near together.

It’s not uproarious in Asian king buffet, so you’ll talk without having to compete with loud music or boisterous patrons, and the prices are exceptionally reasonable.

This could be a little buffet but encompasses a wide assortment of great nourishment. Moreover, Mongolian flame broil in case you need it. They keep the food turned and hot.

Great chance to have a wide assortment to eat. The favorite of family here will be back. Great food for a high cost. Extraordinary benefit each time we have been there.

They have Sushi as well as a to arrange cook. Good nourishment. Truly decent individuals and exceptionally supportive staff. In any case, their card machine.

Good Food, Good Service of Asian King Buffet:

The nourishment of the Asian king buffet was new, and the benefit was incredible. They take extraordinary safety measures against covid and give gloves to dishing out food from the Buffet.

Their egg drop soup is continuously exceptionally new; it’s not the orange-colored garbage that most Chinese eateries offer. Their Shrimp is incredible and tastes like Shrimp (like it’s gathered to!).

Most Chinese buffets I’ve been to since Covid arrived regularly have dried out nourishment on the Buffet. But this put didn’t have that issue. I was delighted and told them so. I will proceed to visit this place.

Good Asian buffet king:

asian king buffet
Good Asian buffet king

This eatery of Asian king buffet is found in a shopping center close to the North East Shopping center. The stylistic layout is reasonably upscale for a put of this kind, and the waitstaff was mindful.

The hot and acrid soup was Alright. The most fascinating for me was the Mongolian Grille. The determination of meats and vegetables was plentiful, and rather than the usual little bowl, I was able to fill a plate with treats to be cooked.

There was no cluster of sauces to include in the blend, but the sauce the chef included was exceptionally great. I moreover had a plate of serving of mixed greens with a few destroyed fish.

The buffet things looked great, but I knew when to say when for a alter. Nevertheless, this was an agreeable buffet involvement, and I would go there again.

Best Asian buffet king, Mongolian Grill, & Sushi:

I eat at this brilliant eatery of Asian king buffet 2 to 3 times a week. The nourishment is fabulous, and the benefit is extraordinary. It has exceptionally sensible costs, and the put is continuously exceptionally clean.

The food is new and renewed reliably, and the Mongolian barbecue contains an incredible assortment of new nourishment, and it is cooked to your enjoyment. The sushi bar has parts to select from, and the sushi rolls are delightful.

It is exceptionally well overseen, and the staff is charming and mindful. I profoundly prescribe this excellent Chinese Buffet. Unquestionably a steady 5 star benefit with tasty Chinese cuisine.

King Buffet food:

It’s a super buffet king, so I’m unquestionably taking this with a tremendous grain of salt. Whereas I appreciate a lavish buffet from time to time, I don’t anticipate much from them.

The nourishment at Lord Buffet was affirmed but didn’t stand separated from any of the other Chinese buffets in town. Something to note is that it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t that great either.

A few delicious things were on the menu, just like the stir-fry noodles and the jalapeno chicken. Those are fair a few of the things that genuinely came to intellect.

The Buffet was pretty endless, and they had the fish stuff that numerous of the buffets around here. Crawfish, crab, and some other alternatives.

They too had the Mongolian barbecue, which I did not share in, but they did have a part of choices for that side of the Buffet as well.

King Buffet atmosphere:

I must concede, the put was truly decent to be in. It truly makes a difference that it’s an exceptionally modern eatery, so it hasn’t had time for the bleak and clean to construct up.

The insides were exceptionally well brightened and came over as a chain put. Possibly they fair enlisted a few sort of insides decorator that had a few genuinely great thoughts. The genuine complaint I had was that the tables felt a small cramped, but it wasn’t terrible.

King Buffet timeless:

I went to the buffet king twice, and both times, there was, as it were, one thing that I took note of was lost. The kitchen appears to be fast when it comes to keeping the Buffet full.

The problematic portion around judging a buffet as distant as the convenience goes is that it’s the whole reason for the Buffet. You go to the Buffet after you need some more, and you don’t get to hold up for something.

King Buffet services:

Once again, this can be beautiful troublesome to gauge, considering there isn’t much table benefit overall. Let’s assume that most of this pivots basically on whether the drinks remain filled amid the dinner.

Considering my drink went purge for many minutes, I might honestly say that the benefit isn’t as well terrible. It’s nothing to compose domestic almost, but I can’t complain as well much.

  • The benefit of buffet king was acceptable. Somewhat fixated with refilling your drinks but not a complaint. 
  • The chicken of buffet king with garlic sauce was a pleasure. 
  • The butter potatoes of buffet king are lovely great! 
  • The fricasseed rice of buffet king might certainly utilize a few works. 
  • The music was bothering, but what music in the open isn’t? Exactly. The cost for the lunch buffet was $7.45 for an individual. That’s not counting drinks.

King Buffet for everyone:

Went to this Buffet once, and we go each month as a treat with the family. Exceptionally reasonable costs and the nourishment is new. They are continually recharging, so there’s never a purge buffet plate.

It has lines and lines of Chinese and American choices, counting servings of mixed greens and sweets. The most considerable determination for a buffet that I have seen within the zone.

There’s a bounty of room for any bunch measure, and we have not had to hold up the table to free up to be situated. Staff are exceptionally speedy and are continuously positioned in their assigned zone near the tables and always go to benefactors.

We cherish that There’s something for everybody here, indeed for the picky eater, so it takes the figure to find an eatery that suits everyone.

Good variety for a buffet:

king buffet
Good variety for a buffet

We ate pleasantly. The assortment was curious. The area of the eatery gives a simple get to its stopping. I wouldn’t say I liked that the staff began cleaning with vacuum cleaners half an hour, recently closing time with their clients having dinner.

Good variety for a buffet. This isn’t the most excellent Chinese Buffet I’ve ever gone to, but it isn’t the most noticeably awful, either. The put is by and large clean & simple to explore, and the costs for a weekday lunch are beautiful reasonable (although other times/days are a small pricey). 

The nourishment is only so-so, but on the off chance that you are a vegan or pescatarian (like my lunch companion), you’ll discover a bounty to eat here. The angle & fish, particularly the prepared salmon, were beautiful great, and a few of the other entrees were to some degree top-notch, but the serving of mixed greens and dessert choices were a small restricted & not all that good.

The flavor of king buffet:

The flavors of the clams were great, and I just like the small spiciness taste to it. The crawfish was great, but a few of it was as well done that the shells were crushed. The spoon utilized should be an opened spoon to assist with the water waste back into the pan.

The Sushi I had I felt the rice was a small off since it wasn’t sushi rice and was a small grainy that the fixings on the Sushi did not come together.

The clams didn’t seem exceptionally engaging since it was so soft and like it had been sitting out for a while, not fresh. Overall, the put is clean; the cost is sweet and extraordinary choices or entrees, natural products, sweets, and salads.


Buffet king could be a freaking astounding Chinese buffet and my outright favorite when composing this survey within the category of Chinese buffets or buffets every day or perhaps Chinese nourishment in joint lol.

However, be mindful that they are a bit expensive at about $15 an individual sometime recently drink but to be beyond any doubt that the quality of this Buffet distant outperforms any others I have been to with the particular case of the Ruler Buffet in San Antonio, Texas.

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