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Montauk hotels
Montauk hotels | Menu, Price, online Order and booking


A 200-year-old beacon serves as a guide for the Long Island town of Montauk, where angling, beachcombing, kayaking, and surfing compete for your consideration.

Pack a camera and binoculars for seal observing strolls in Montauk Point State Stop amid the winter. Moment House, a 1700s cottage built for East Hampton shepherds, includes the neighbourhood history.

The summer season brings live music to the town’s bars and cafes. Here Hills State Stop gives to sea swimming, a 40-acre freshwater lake, and camp locales.

Montauk Inns can be found on a landmass amid the shining waters of Montauk. It welcomes you with all-encompassing sees. The Shoreline, the Atlantic Sea.

It’s the leading of the coast, with sea breezes, sailboats, and brilliant sand shorelines, enveloping the magnificence of the Atlantic.

Montauk hotel is an iconic destination:

A notorious goal (and the as it were year-round resort within the Hamptons), Gurney’s offers flawless luxury on one of the excellent leading beaches in the region.

The 146-room stands out among Hamptons hotels as one of the zone’s most prominent resorts, and it also has the ultimate beachfront location. The accessible spa offices (counting an indoor pool and Roman shower) are moreover a highlight.

The rooms are modern and appealing, and numerous have staggering sea sees from private verandas. The exquisite fine-dining eatery is another can’t miss experience.

Sole East at Montauk hotels:

montauk hotels
Sole East at Montauk hotels

A five-minute walk from Montauk’s town, this American Tudor-style inn in Montauk may be a summer hot spot that keeps up a quintessence of “cool” without claim.

The 67 rooms and suites have a surf-chic vibe and request the Manhattan set with conveniences such as pillow-top beds, free wifi, and Aveda items. Spite that not straightforwardly on the Shoreline, the lodging has lovely lush grounds that incorporate daybeds, hammocks, fire pits, and an unassuming eatery and bar.

The open-air pool — with live music at the ends of the week — is prevalent, and the party scene has been known to carry small hours of the morning.

Beach of Montauk hotels:

Appreciate the marvellous Shoreline sees from your claim overhang at this surf-chic resort, where the rooms run from studios to two-bedroom suites.

There are 88 separately beautified rooms at this Montauk hotels property, and all rooms have air-conditioning, a full kitchen, a living range, and an overhang offering the sights and sounds of the sea. In addition, the inn encompasses a warmed pool, tennis court, and sauna.

Montauk hotels hilltop:

The magnificent Tudor Restoration building roosted on a ridge neglecting the Atlantic Sea, and Gardiner’s Inlet offers condo-style units, indoor and open-air pools, a day spa, and more.

An on-site Italian eatery serves all dinners, even though with near nearness to the village’s centre, you might consider getting a charge out of the bounty of neighbourhood gastronomy.

Finding A Hotel In Montauk:

hotels in montauk ny
Finding A Hotel In Montauk

Long Island, Modern York incorporates an assortment of good foundations for vacationers to remain in, and finding lodging in Montauk is simple. The prevalent destination offers everything from insinuating beds and breakfasts to luxurious resorts.

Each area has the most excellent incivilities and sumptuous rooms to make everybody remaining within the zone to feel comfortable.

Long Island at Montauk hotels:

The cosy villa found on the tip of Long Island may be a familiar spot for range sightseers to accumulate amid the summer months. The shoreline front village is substantial sufficient to offer fine eateries and resorts.

However, it still provides that little town air that so numerous individuals appreciate. The destination is domestic to a few state-run parks, has marvellous angling, and could be incredibly put for surfers to catch a few waves.

In expansion, the area is domestic to the most seasoned beacon within the state—a must-see for anybody who visits.

Performing different activities while staying at Montauk hotels:

The Cozy village, found on the tip of Long Island, could be a familiar spot for zone sightseers to accumulate amid the summer months. The shoreline front village is substantial sufficient to offer fine eateries and resorts.

However, it still provides that little town air that so numerous individuals appreciate. The destination is domestic to a few state-run parks, has excellent angling, and maybe a fantastic put for surfers to catch a few waves.

In expansion, the area is domestic to the most seasoned beacon within the state—a must-see for anybody who visits.

What is the perfect time to stay in Montauk hotels!

The northeastern Joined together States has exceptionally particular seasons. The summers in Unused York can be sweltering, and the winters have the penchant for being severely cold, but in all cases, a parcel of surfers seek the leading Montauk Inns.

The ideal time to visit Modern York or Montauk is based on personal inclinations. The summer is exceptionally decent, and swimming can offer assistance combat the heat.

But, the winter includes a certain aesthetic appeal, particularly for people from ranges that don’t ordinarily get exceptionally cold. On the off chance that you’re going to Montauk within the winter and come from a few put like Florida, you may be astounded not as it were by the brutality of the cold, but by the excellence that could be snow secured Shoreline, which is something Florida will likely never see.

Most businesses are closed amid the harshest winter months. But, indeed, the foremost gentle winter could seem extraordinary to somebody not utilized to the cold.

So, be beyond any doubt to check ahead to see what the climate will be like amid the time of year you arrange ongoing by this portion of Unused York.

Why Stay In Montauk Hotels?

hotels in montauk
Why Stay In Montauk Hotels?

If you’re arranging a trip to New York, then you have got no question taken note that Montauk could be a popular spot for visitors, and you ought to search for the best Montauk Inns.

If you have never been at that point, you’ll have an inconvenience getting a handle on how lovely of a put this is. Montauk has beaches that are among the foremost breathtaking within the whole world.

The choice to remain in Montauk can be affected very effectively by checking someone’s online surveys or getaway photographs of the zone. Montauk lodgings change in cost and are so inexhaustible that there’s likely to be one that suits each traveller’s needs.

Montauk Hotels are not all expensive!

Checking for inns in Montauk will have no question uncovered a few costly extravagance lodgings, but not each inn is expensive within the range. Several little places reminiscent of bed and breakfast foundations will fetch a division of those extravagance accommodations.

Of course, if you have got an unlimited budget for excursions, you will need to remain in a more costly hotel. If usually, the case cost will likely not be a figure. Instep, you may need to hunt for

the foremost extravagant lodgings conceivable. With the Shoreline and Shoreline that encompass Montauk, it will not be challenging to discover a few one-of-a-kind extravagance lodging in case cost is no factor.

Places To Stay In Montauk, New York!

Whereas the specify of Unused York might bring dreams of activity and clamour to intellect, there are numerous places to remain in Montauk that will disperse these pictures. Montauk offers guests the splendour of white sand and rolling waves.

Sightseers come here from inside the state and worldwide to loosen up from the stretch of life to have uncommon occasions or conduct commerce in a unique setting. 

For illustration, settle partners into a wood-panelled board room outfitted with ergonomic calfskin seats. Spread out in more ample space to have a seminar or prepare the event.

The Ocean see might occupy members, but you’ll be able to guarantee everybody they will be able to go hitting the fairway or horseback riding after work is done.

A few resorts give on-site playing golf offices, whereas others are fair a brief drive absent from nearby courses.

Men and women conducting hotels business in Montauk Hotels:

Men and ladies conducting commerce in this portion of the state will regularly require a break from printed material and computers to loosen up.

Those who prefer to burn off their vitality by playing a lively don will likely select to remain at resort-style inns that include tennis and basketball courts.

However, many are too prepared with wellness rooms filled with high-quality curved coaches, upright bikes, and treadmills.

Most of these foundations utilize a warmed open-air pool, but a few also have an indoor pool with a hot tub. In truth, even budget motels frequently have open-air pools encompassed by roomy decks and relaxed chairs.

At Montauk Hotels, Surf Enthusiasts Have Many Options:

By choosing to remain at Montauk inns, surf devotees give themselves the culminate base from which to appreciate this area’s numerous delights.

But, of course, surfing isn’t the as it were movement accessible to those who visit the Long Island region, and remaining at an inn within the area will rapidly make that truth apparent.

In reality, there are so numerous things to do in this zone that, indeed, the foremost die-hard surfer can be easily distracted.

The areas at Montauk Hotels:

The Montauk range has been possessed for numerous hundreds of a long time but was, to begin with, found by the European pilgrims around five hundred a long time ago.

The region’s standard excellence and vicinity to the sea have empowered it to become a well-known spot for visitors worldwide. While it is regularly compared to other traveller goals, most guests will rapidly realize that it may be exciting to visit.

Lodging at Montauk Hotels:

There are an abundance of Montauk Inns, motels, hotels, and other lodging choices in this region, all of which offer assistance to supply an inviting atmosphere for any guest.

Amid the active season, which endures from around June to September, the locale can regularly be exceptionally swarmed with surfers, visitors, and other guests who have come to see the numerous areas and encounter the new sea air.

Those who visit trips to the region frequently discover it much simpler to buy a timeshare on the island or book a room for a long time in Montauk Lodgings.

Frequently, this choice is chosen by those who come back each year to appreciate the surfing and other exercises within the region. These buys can now and then spare people and families thousands of dollars over a few years.

Sites to see at Montauk Hotels:

For most guests, the beacon exhibition hall is something that ought not to be missed. To begin with, commissioned by the nation’s t begin with President, this historic beacon has served as a guide for the Coast Protect that spared numerous lives down through a long time.

It is presently an exhibition hall that plays host to millions of guests each and each year. 

Visitors can moreover visit the region’s numerous parks and its indeed more various shorelines. Grasslands make up more than sixty per cent of the region’s arrival and contain an expanded path framework reasonable for family climbs and long strolls.

At the harbour, some travels can take travellers out to locales where they can observe the whales and dolphins play.

Things to do at Montauk Hotels:

montauk hotels on beach
Things to do at Montauk Hotels

Besides climbing and whale-watching, guests can appreciate an assortment of other energizing exercises when they live in Montauk Inns. There are vineyards to visit, ships to ride, and angling pontoons that offer the most excellent big-game angling anyplace.

Moreover, Montauk Downs is well-renowned for playing golf circles as being among the nation’s best courses. Open-air devotees will appreciate all of the numerous and shifted activities accessible to them.

There are too numerous water sports accessible, as one would anticipate from a town found on the sea. Many visitors travel to the island to scuba plunge, and there’s indeed a destroyed dispatch that can be gone this way.

Other guests appreciate the opportunity to cruise or spend an apathetic afternoon kayaking on one of the island’s lakes or Lake Montauk.

The surfing at Montauk Hotels:

Of course, for surfers, nothing beats the waves that can be experienced on this sea which is why 100s are surfing the web to see Montauk Lodgings.

These waves proceed to awe unused entries each year, and most surfers feel right at domestic within the Montauk range. In reality, the whole locale has embraced the surfer culture, and numerous areas are outlined around the surfing topic.

Indeed newcomers to the wear should feel right at domestic, as the locale brags prepare courses for all expertise levels surfers.

Top ranking Montauk hotels are given below

  • Surf Club Montauk Hotels
  • Driftwood Resort at Montauk Hotels
  • Gurney’s Montauk Hotels
  • Beach Plum Resort at Montauk Hotels
  • Hero Beach Club at Montauk Hotels
  • Montauk Soundview
  • Breakers MTK at Montauk
  • Sunset Beach Motel at Montauk
  • Kenny’s Tipperary Inn at Montauk
  • Shoreline Beach Club at Montauk hotels
  • Born Free Suites by the Sea at Montauk
  • A Wave Inn at Montauk Hotels
  • Royal Atlantic Beach Resorts at Montauk
  • Aquilina Inn Montauk Hotels
  • Beachcomber Resort At Montauk

Surf Club Montauk Hotels:

The Surf Club Montauk, found on the East Conclusion of Long Island, Unused York, has 92 one- and two-bedroom duplexes, most of which see either the Atlantic Sea or the pool.

Later visitors claim that the Shoreline being effectively open through away through the rises legitimizes the price. Duplexes come with free wifi get-to, a full kitchen (without a broiler), a feasting and living region, free stopping, and a private deck.

In addition, guests can appreciate a warmed open-air pool, a wellness centre, and tennis courts.

The inn offers an on-site wellness arrangement, counting yoga, Pilates, and wellness sessions. They, too, have open-air motion picture evenings.

Even though there’s no eatery, the lodging often has farm-to-table dining occasions, and the concierge can recommend various adjacent eateries.

Numerous attractions are a brief drive absent, counting Montauk Point Light, Montauk Downs State Stop Golf Course, five other state parks, neighbourhood wineries, and the Hamptons.

Driftwood Resort at Montauk Hotels:

hotels montauk
Driftwood Resort at Montauk Hotels

Driftwood Resort on the Sea is an oceanfront resort exceptionally near the noteworthy Montauk Point Beacon, one of the most seasoned dynamic lighthouses within the Joined together States.

The resort has 52 studios and one-bedroom suites with private overhangs and numerous Atlantic Sea sees. There are moreover private houses accessible.

Each settlement has wifi to get to, claim to fame toiletries, and tall thread-count cloths. Resort amenities incorporate tennis courts, a swimming pool, plus a play area.

Past visitors cherished that the private Shoreline has shoreline chairs, umbrellas, and staffed cabanas available. The resort could be a brief drive to numerous range attractions, state parks, shorelines, breweries, and the town of Montauk, New York.

Even though the resort has no feasting office, various feasting openings are inside driving distance.

Gurney’s Montauk Hotels:

Gurney’s Montauk Yacht Club & Resort could be a historic lakeside resort on Lake Montauk that gives 107 visitor rooms and 22 estates. Later, guests loved the property’s wonderful area.

Rooms have a modern stylistic layout and decorations and offer free wifi, coffee creators, minifridges, and custom bathrobes and shoes. Complimentary stopping and carry benefit to adjacent eateries or attractions is accessible.

In addition, there are four on-site eateries where visitors can get everything from a full supper to making a cocktail.

There are 10,000 square feet of assembly space for more significant issues, counting the roomy Farmhouse Assembly hall.

The Hotel’s sufficient civilities incorporate shoreline cabanas, complimentary beach chairs and umbrellas, a warmed indoor pool, two warmed open-air pools, saunas, volleyball, four tennis courts, a spa, and a wellness centre daily blazes and s’mores, and complimentary paddleboards, bikes, and kayaks. Visitors can moreover save a slip from docking their yacht and appreciating all the resort amenities.

Beach Plum Resort at Montauk Hotels:

Encompass yourself with all that Montauk, Unused York, has got to offer at Shoreline Plum Resort, which gives visitors an outstandingly unwinding experience.

The classically enhanced rooms come total with flat-screen T.V.s and free wifi get-to. Unfortunately, feasting choices are not accessible on-site, but the numerous energizing shops and eateries of Montauk are a brief walk absent.

Other comforts incorporate a warmed pool, open-air showers (for sand), and coordinate Shoreline gets to fair over the road

In expansion to getting a charge out of staggering views of the Atlantic Sea and help get to to the Shoreline, which later visitors portray as comfortable and calm, this boutique resort is inside a mile of Montauk State Stop and Camp Hero State Stop.

The property is additionally around 30 miles from well-known attractions like vineyards and golf courses.

Hero Beach Club at Montauk Hotels:

Boasting 1950s-style engineering, a plant with fire pits, an open-air pool encompassed by furniture from Bali, and a beachside area in Montauk, Unused York, (almost 120 miles northeast of Modern York City), the Saint Shoreline Club may be a safe house for city tenants looking to elude to Long Island.

With fitting 30 rooms, this boutique property takes advantage of its shoreline region by brightening the rooms and suites with sea prints, tropical plants, hardwood floors, and fresh white materials.

Huge windows let in ordinary light, and cutting-edge conveniences like free wifi get to, in-room tablets, flat-screen T.V.s, and minibars filled with neighbourhood treat come standard.

Upgraded rooms and suites, in the interim, offer more space and private patios or overhangs. Even though lodging got blended audits from past visitors (a few cherished the stylistic layout, whereas others felt the rooms were as well cutting edge), numerous raved almost the warmed pool, Shoreline, and staff.

Too, be beyond any doubt that there’s no on-site eatery, but a few Montauk eateries are fair a brief walk absent. Moreover, future travellers should note that this inn charges a $20 to $50 daily resort expense, depending on the season.

Montauk Soundview:

Settled on Piece Island Sound between Post Lake Cove and Lake Montauk, Montauk Soundview offers visitors waterside lodging that comes complete with shinning coastal stylistic layout, flat-screen T.V.s, and free wifi get-to.

Even though there’s no eatery on-site, eating alternatives can be found inside strolling remove at Gosman’s Dock. A few civilities incorporate a warmed open-air pool and get to the adjoining Mermaid Shoreline. 

Recent visitors cherished that this inn is stepped absent from the Shoreline, which the free Hampton Container carry effectively interfaces guests to the rest of Montauk, Modern York.

Attractions extending from golf courses to vineyards are all inside 30 miles of the resort, which is idealized for visitors hoping to appreciate a day trip amid their stay.

Breakers MTK at Montauk:

Shinning, charming, and over the road from the Shoreline, Breakers MTK offers guests comfortable lodging in a calm, unwinding environment that wows later visitors.

Housing comes standard with Matoük cloths, a Tivoli Bluetooth speaker and free wifi get to; though, later visitors caution that there are no T.V.s in any of the rooms. On-site feasting is accessible all day at Café + Bar, which serves casual American favourites and offers an unwinding sea see. 

Other civilities incorporate an open-air pool and a simple get to the Shoreline over the road.

This Montauk, Unused York, the inn is inside unassuming strolling or biking separate of the numerous shops and eateries of Montauk Town, and those trusting for an expanded day trip can reach a few golf courses and vineyards inside 30 miles of the property.

Sunset Beach Motel at Montauk:

Found in Montauk, 1.2 km from Gin Shoreline, Gosman’s Culloden House gives convenience with free wifi and free private stopping.

The property is around 3.5 km from Montauk Downs State Stop, 3.7 km from Montauk Racquet Club, and 5 km from Post Lake Inlet Stop. Moment House Museum is 6 km from the lodging, and Shadmoor State Stop is 6 km away.

Hither Woods Protect is 5 km from the accommodation, whereas Naval force Stop Street is 6 km away. The closest aeroplane terminal is the T.F. Green Air terminal, 84 km from Gosman’s Culloden House. Couples especially just like the area — they appraised it 8.7 for a two-person trip.

Kenny’s Tipperary Inn at Montauk:

The Tipperary Hotel is found within the heart of Montauk Harbor. We highlight comfortable, as of late, redesigned rooms. We are deliberately located, not distant from downtown Montauk, but distant sufficient from the flurry.

Perfect for the ideal getaway. We include open-air and have plenty of exercises for our visitors to appreciate, such as angling, climbing, horseback riding, hitting the fairway, and feasting. We are a walk absent from the Block Island and Groton Connecticut ships.

Following the Hotel’s entryway is the renowned Mannucci’s eatery, a favourite eating spot for the locals and visitors alike. Our staff will be upbeat to assist you in booking any activity, and we’ll do our most extreme to form your remain memorable.

Shoreline Beach Club at Montauk hotels:

Legend Shoreline Club could be a one-of-a-kind mix of tranquillity and convention balanced by the scenery of the Atlantic Sea. An inventive enclave associated through its cherish of craftsmanship, music, angling, and surfing. Community is at the centre of HBC’s ethos and motivation.

The property’s thoughtful gesture to culture and the outside is engrained in its unique 1950’s design raised with present-day plan and civilities. The surrounding Peconic Rise Arrive Belief comprehensively improves the quiet environment of HBC.

Whether relaxing within the yard, sunbathing on Umbrella Shoreline, or climbing through the adjacent pathways, Montauk’s protected excellence gives this boutique resort an unparalleled desert garden and domestic.

Culminate for those energetic to investigate the wear and exercises that Montauk must offer, HBC gives both unique access to practices and an unwinding respite for those looking for rest.

Hero Shoreline Club could be an exciting mix of tranquillity and convention counterbalanced by the background of the Atlantic Ocean.

Born Free Suites by the Sea at Montauk:

Settled between the sun and surf is Born Free Suites by the Ocean. They were advertising a choice of twenty-four housing—one and two-room suites for the evening, end of the week, or week.

Abutting rooms are accessible. Each includes a living room, kitchen/dining zone, and room. Open all year long! All the joys of a shore getaway combined with the consolation and fun your whole family will appreciate at Born Free Suites by the Ocean.

Live every moment to the fullest! Our Shoreline could be an incredible fascination where sea showering is without rising to. Surf cast, shoreline comb, run or walk along our excellent beach or fair unwind.

Sailing, engine sailing, horseback riding, and numerous other open-air exercises are advertised adjacent. Deep-water angling on the open Ocean with authorized captains is additionally accessible.

At Born Free Suites, you’ll be able to walk to an excellent wide sandy sea beach; however, be as it were one square from the centre of town. Play tennis and appreciate the other offices of Montauk Downs, which incorporate a championship 18-hole golf course outlined by the famous Robert Trent Jones.

A Wave Inn at Montauk Hotels:

A Wave Motel is an excellent choice for travellers going to Montauk, advertising numerous accommodating civilities planned to improve your stay.

Gosman’s Dock (1.9 mi), found adjacent, makes A Wave Lodging an incredible put to remain for those interested in going to this well-known Montauk landmark.

You’ll enjoy unwinding rooms that offer a level screen T.V., air conditioning, and a fridge, and you’ll remain associated amid your remain as A Wave Inn offers visitors free wifi.

Furthermore, A Wave Motel offers a pool and barbeque offices, giving an excellent rest from your active day. For visitors with a vehicle, free parking is available.

While you’re here, be beyond any doubt to check out a few of the fish eateries, counting Montauket, Gather on Post Lake, and Gosman’s Eatery, all of which is a brief separation from A Wave Hotel.

Royal Atlantic Beach Resorts at Montauk:

Illustrious Atlantic Shoreline Resorts is a fabulous choice for travellers going by Montauk, advertising numerous accommodating comforts planned to improve your stay.

Gosman’s Dock (1.8 mi), found adjacent, makes Illustrious Atlantic Shoreline Inn a fantastic put to remain for those interested in going to this famous Montauk landmark.

Royal Atlantic Beach Resort offers guests an array of room amenities, including a flat-screen T.V., air conditioning, and a kitchenette. Getting online is possible, as free wifi is available.

The Hotel offers room service, a picnic area, and a newspaper to make your visit even more pleasant. The property also features a pool and complimentary breakfast. Guests arriving by vehicle have access to free parking.

Aquilina Inn Montauk Hotels:

Settled within the heart of the memorable Montauk Town, Aqualina Motel offers a one-of-a-kind involvement. Advanced decorations, upscale conveniences, and exceptional client benefits have made us a favourite goal since opening our entryways in 2015.

Visitors can appreciate modern however comfortable housing, a warmed saltwater pool, open showers, and so much more. So whether you’re seeking out a sentimental end of the week getaway or a fair and energizing elude from daily life, we’re sure you’ll feel right at domestic here.

Beachcomber Resort At Montauk:

On the off chance that you’re searching for a family-friendly inn in Montauk, see no assist than Drifter Resort At Montauk. While remaining at Drifter Resort At Montauk, guests can check out Gosman’s Dock (2.4 mi), which could be a prevalent Montauk attraction.

Rooms at Scavenger Resort At Montauk Lodging offer a level screen T.V., a kitchenette, and a fridge giving extraordinary consolation and comfort, and visitors can go online with free wifi.

A pool will too offer assistance to create your stay even more extraordinary. If you’re driving to Drifter Resort At Montauk Inn, free stopping is available.

Montauk has a bounty of sushi eateries. So when you’re here, be beyond any doubt to check out well-known spots like East By Northeast and Westlake Angle House, which are serving up a few excellent dishes.


Montauk may be an important visitor goal and has six state parks. It is prevalent for its angling, claiming to have more world saltwater fishing records than any other harbour within the world.

U.S. News & World Report positions the finest lodgings in Montauk Long Island based on an analysis of industry awards, inn star ratings, and client evaluations.

Inns that scored within the beat 10 per cent of the Most excellent Inns within the USA earned a Gold badge.

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